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ACT III. Outside the Kuriuza Theatre. A number of Megumi apprentices are trying to enter the theatre when the doors are shut upon them by another sumo wrestler, one of Yotsuguruma's cronies. A fight starts in which Yotsuguruma, who appears from within the theatre, joins. Tatsugoro, who happens to be passing, again stops the fight and attempts to settle matters peaceably.

ACT IV. Tatsugoro's House. His wife, a lady of forceful character, is shamed and offended by Tatsugoro's pacific attitude. She asks for a divorce, hoping thus to force him to defend his honour and that of his company. Tatsugoro appears to acquiesce. He asks for a cup of water(a symbol of farewell) and offers it to her. At first she will not accept it but is persuaded to do so by their little son. She then realizes that her husband intends to revenge the insults of the sumo wrestlers and that his plans are now ripe. The three of them drink together and say goodbye. Tatsugoro intends to commit suicide after the fight as a protest again the overbearing conduct of the wrestlers.

ACT V. The firemen and the wrestlers meet at Shinmei and a tremendous fight takes place. It is eventually stopped by Kisaburo, the chief of police, who reconciles the two parties.

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