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Anyone of you who has traveled extensively through Europe I'm sure will agree that France is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

Seem to be, well, more skyscrapers built each year. This is one of the handsomest of them.

And now what do we see on the screen? It's Moomba time. What in the world is Moomba?

Moomba is an Aborigine word which means "let's have fun," and uh

for ten days, annually, everything comes to a complete standstill in Melbourne. All stores, all shops are closed.

And the people, the children, the adults, everyone takes a part in Moomba.

As far as parades go, I think our own Rose Bowl parade in Pasadena far surpasses it.

But the fascinating thing are the tremendous numbers of people in the crowds that line the streets. Hundreds of thousands of them turn out daily.

And we were so interested in filming the crowds and watching their reaction.

Another hundred thousand go to the Flemington racecourse, and the great race of the day was won by this horse without a rider.


Well, the people that had bet on the horse were furious that it was disqualified, and there was a great deal of action about it, a few fist fights and what not.

The peoples of Australia, as I'm sure you've gathered already, are very sports-minded. And tens of thousands of them daily,

gather along the Yarra River to watch events such as you're now seeing on the screen.

Some of them bring their sleeping bags and will stay there overnight. Others have houseboats and will be moored along the shores.

Australia seems to be a country of young people. Everyone seems to be quite young, and they certainly are fascinated with events such as now being

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