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Well, the slightest tension on the line and he knows just how full the basket is at the boat.
There's a good deal of cursing and shouting by the mariners here because there's so many boats and there's so little area for them to maneuver in.
By 11 o'clock in the morning, our job was completed. A storm was expected.
You can see the storm clouds in the distance, so we were glad to get back to Hobart.
And we're going to fly from here to the north. In fact, north of Sydney to the Gold Coast.
Now we mentioned earlier in the lecture this evening, that they are enjoying a tremendous economic boom in Australia.
Great fortunes are being made overnight.
And many of those people that are making the fortunes are constructing summer homes, weekend bungalows along the Gold Coast.
There's also a good deal of construction of apartment houses and hotels in very gay and attractive colors.
And the beach here is certainly different from the beaches that you find in the Sydney area.
Most of those beaches are great coves.
The beaches here will extend for 16, 17, 18 miles in length.
The Vita tan man, well, he has more business than he can handle.
And he has winter residents from Melbourne, and from uh Adelaide, from Tasmania, and when they arrived they want to get a tan in a hurry.
So they have the oil sprayed onto them. Within 48 hours they'll be as brown as a berry.
And so the Vita tan man, he works eight or ten hours a day.
We're going to spend a couple of days here, and then we're driving south to Currumbin.
And we're going to Currumbin to photograph the wild parrots. Well they weren't wild at all.
And the moment that I appeared with some food, these fine-feathered friends descended on me by the dozen.
I soon felt very much, like the late Queen Mother Mary of England.

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