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So it's no wonder that throughout this area that she's fondly known as Señora Ajijic.

Then, just up the street from Neil James' house is the Casa de los Arjos. The stately home of Helen and Roy Water.

8 years ago they moved from Denver to Ajijic. They had spent several vacations here, but upon his retirement they made the vacation permanent.

Now along with golf and bridge, their main interest is their home, which in just 8 years has tripled in value.

Although their way of living is certainly not inexpensive, they said that to live comparably in the United States would be an impossibility.

And as the average wage in Mexico for household help is still quite a bit lower than ours, they're able to have several to care for their home, grounds, and profusion of flowers.

You know it's interesting to compare the various ways of living in this area for Americans. From Neil James' charming, but more rustic house, to this palatial one of the Waters.

Then, right on Ajijic's plaza, Lou Hilfer has an apartment that could fit into just about anyone's pocketbook, and at the same time would appeal to just about anyone's taste.

Here, with his dog, he lives in an attractively furnished 4 room apartment that rents for the grand total of $35 dollars a month.

Lou, who's retired Army sergeant, said that on his retirement pay of $300 a month, he's able to live comfortably in Ajijic,

Take trips, and at the same time save money too. And along with his spacious apartment, he also has a large private garden.

And in it, year round, he grows a variety of things. Including oranges, lemons, limes, and bananas.

And to top it all off, the $35 dollars a month also includes a maid, who comes in once a week to clean the apartment and do laundry. She'll even cook a taco
or two.

Well having done extensive traveling in his military career, Lou said he has now definitely found utopia.

And after this, I just wonder why I'm not living there too. In fact, you know I think after this program I'm going to leave immediately!

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