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Fellow, Woodrow Wilson Intl. Ctr. Schol., 76-77
Fellow, Ctr. Advanced Study in Behav. Sci., 80-81
Member, Orgn. Am. Historians, Member, AHA

Publications: King, A Biography (1970); Presence of Honor: The Dreyfus Affair (1973); District of Columbia: A Bicentennial History (1976); When Harlem Was In Vogue (1981); The Race of Fashoda (1988); and many articles in journals, encyclopedias, and symposia


[[two column table]]

[[underlined]] Name [[/underlined]] | [[underlined]] Expiration of Term [[/underlined]] 

Mrs. Jeannine Smith Clark, Chair 
Washington, D.C. | May 1992

Mr. Michael Collins 
Washington, D.C. | November 1991

Mr. Thomas Mellon Evans 
New York, New York | January 1992

Professor Stephen Jay Gould 
Cambridge, Massachusetts | November 1995

Mrs. Marta Istomin 
Washington, D.C. | November 1995

Mr. W. John Kenney 
Washington, D.C. | November 1991

Professor David Levering Lewis 
New Brunswick, New Jersey | November 1995

Professor R.W.B. Lewis 
Bethany, Connecticut | November 1991

Mr. Robert L. McNeil, Jr. 
Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania | November 1995

Honorable Robert B. Morgan 
Lillington, North Carolina | January 1992

Professor Barbara Novak 
New York, New York | January 1993

Mr. Frank Stanton 
New York, New York | January 1990

[[/two column table]]

[[underlined]] Ex Officio [[/underlined]]

Mr. Robert McCormick Adams
Mr. J. Carter Brown
Honorable William H. Rehnquist