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The Secretary, Smithsonian Institution
An Assistant Secretary for Smithsonian Institution (to be designated by the Secretary)

[[two column table]]

Dr. Ernest Leroy Boyer | New Jersey
Mr. W. Roger Buffalohead | Minnesota
Honorable Barber B. Conable, Jr. | Washington, D.C.
Mr. Vine Deloria, Jr. | Arizona
Ms. Suzan Shown Harjo | Washington, D.C.
Dr. Norbert Hill | Wisconsin
Dr. Frederick E. Hoxie | Illinois
Honorable Daniel K. Inouye | Hawaii
Dr. Jennie Joe | Arizona
Mr. Alvin Josephy, Jr. | Connecticut
Mrs. Julie Johnson Kidd | New York
Dr. Clara Sue Kidwell | California
Dr. Navarre Scott Momaday | Arizona
Mr. Curt Muser | New York
Mr. Waldemar A. Nielsen | New York
Dr. Alfonso Ortiz | New Mexico
Ms. Janine Pease-Windy Boy |  Montana
Mr. David Rockefeller | New York
Dr. Helen M. Scheirbeck | North Carolina
Dr. David Hurst Thomas | New York
Dr. Arturo Warman | Mexico
Honorable Thomas R. White | Arizona
Ms. Rosita Worl | Alaska

[[/two column table]]

[[underlined]] SENIOR LEVEL SALARIES [[/underlined]]

In recent years the Federal pay cap has become an increasingly serious impediment to the recruitment and retention of key academic and managerial staff, one which has required that the Smithsonian abandon the Federal pay standard altogether and offer trust fund salaries far in excess of the civil service pay cap for the recruitment of bureau directors and assistant secretaries. These decisions were taken in the hope that major Federal pay raises such as the 50% raise proposed by the Quadrennial Commission a year ago would soon ensue and rectify the imbalance between salaries for new and previously filled positions.

When the 1989 pay proposal failed, Smithsonian staff launched two parallel initiatives. The first bore fruit with the introduction in the House of Representatives of H.R. 3661, a bill sponsored by Regents Conte, Whitten and Mineta, which would assure that the Smithsonian is not left in a disadvantaged position under subsequently enacted Federal pay raises (such as P.L. 101-194, enacted November 30, 1989, and scheduled to take effect in January 1991); this measure would establish a Smithsonian Institution Senior Service, to be operated under the Regents' authority in parallel to the Federal Senior Executive Service. Secondly, the Under Secretary engaged a pay consultant to review the Institution's senior salary structure and recommend a system for assuring congruence among presently disparate trust fund salaries and between those levels and the ensuing January 1991 Federal salaries.

The principal recommendation of the consultant's study is embodied in the following:

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