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^[[+]] [[red dot]]  [[underlined]]25[[/underlined]]. [[encased]] In Albemarle County,Virginia, lies Tallwood, [[/encased]] once part of the great Enniscorthy estate.
       There is no record of the plan of the garden but it was ^[[(]]laid out in 1804^[[)]] by Helen Coles, wife of Tucker Coles.  This garden became a veritable beauty spot and was surrounded by tree box, crepe myrtle, lilac and  mock oranges, which have now attained to great size.
      ^[[(]][[encased]] The old English yews were planted in 1746 [[/encased]] ^[[)]] according to a record furnished by Louis Chauvennet, the present owner. Their tops have grown until the branches meet, bound together with the fragrant yellow southern jessamine, and the ground beneath is covered with a mat of lily-of-the-valley.  [[encased]] These yews exceptional in size and importance, are certainly as fine as many celebrated ones in England.[[/encased]]

^[[+ [ ]] [[underlined]] UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA  [[/underlined]] ^[[ ] ]] 
[[red dot]] [[underlined]]26[[/underlined]]. [[encased]]The University of Virginia is situated at Charlottesville in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.[[/encased]]  It is the child of the old age of Jefferson and shows his great ability and appreciation of architecture. [[encased]] The lawn, the ranges, the pavilions and arcades were all built from Jefferson's designs.  The buildings and grounds form one of the most harmonious groups in this country, and are shown as they appeared shortly after completion.[[/encased]]