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Showers This Morning Will Not Prevent Birdmen From Flying at Driving Park.

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also a contestant in this race. The residents of San Jose will probably remember the disastrous wreck of his Stoddard-Dayton near the Vendome two years ago due to the breaking of a steering rod. Wiseman is the possessor of over 30 trophy cups won in automobile races.

It is only natural that, after such success in the automobile line, Wiseman should turn to airships. About 16 months ago Wiseman started to build his first aircraft, and that 16 months has been crowded with varying successes and failures. Upon each failure he build a new hope and by sheer grit and determination finally developed an aeroplane which ranks clearly with the best. Wiseman's greatest handicap was that he had never seen another's machine in flight. He just learned to fly by flying.

At San Francisco Meet.

At the San Francisco meet Wiseman was the only amateur to successfully fly and operate an aeroplane of original design and construction, and the only aviator who would be classed strictly as an amateur. Of a total of 23 amateurs, only four were able to get off the ground, and of these four three flew standard Curtiss biplanes equipped with Curtiss engines. From this it will be seen that more credit is due Wiseman than appears on the surface, for in his case, both machine and aviator were unknown quantities. His machine is what is known as a Wiseman biplane, and is equipped with a 75-horsepower Hall-Scott, San Francisco-made motor. At this meet he was the only amateur to fly every day of the meet except the last day, when the professionals refused to fly. In the distance and duration events Wiseman's scores were greater than the combined scores of all other amateurs. He flew a distance of 29 kilometers and was in the air 50 minutes, an enviable record for an amateur to possess. He brought forth tremendous applause from the crowd on his first flight, and each time after the first day when he appeared on the field he received an ovation equal to that of Ely, who was the idol of the San Francisco meet.

Wiseman's Prizes.

The prizes won by Wiseman at the San Francisco meet totalled $1283.33. They were: Half-mile, straight, qualifying flight, $250; two and a half kilometers, circular, qualifying flight, $333.33; first prize for distance, $250, total distance flown, 28.86 kilometers; first prize for duration, $250, actual time in the air, 49 minutes and 43 seconds; second prize for speed, $125 (five kilometers in 6 minutes, 2 2-5 seconds); third prize for altitude, $75 (105 feet).

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