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[[newspaper clipping]]
next Sunday.

Wiseman is [[a Santa Rosa boy?]]
^[[checkmark]] his present home [[is in?]] San Francisco.
He is well known here, having been aghast at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Cooper on several occasions before they moved to Monterey. He is one of the best and most daring birdmen in the business and is a master of the flying machine, is wonderful control while aloft having amazed thousands of people both in the southern part of the state and in the prominent northern cities where he has appeared. He is not as widely known as some of the other aviators for the reason that since entering the business he has confined his energies for the most part to inventing and experimenting. The result is he has perfected a machine of his own that combines the best qualities of the Curtiss and Farnum machines, and they are manufactured in his own shops. Wiseman always has a number of these machines with him when playing engagements and in case one should be out of repair he can get another one ready on short notice.

A High Flyer.
He prefers to make his flights at altitudes of from 500 to 1,000 feet, for the reason that if his motor should stop he is enabled to glide to terra firma in safety, though he has been known to perform some astonishing feats a short distance above the earth. For instance, at Pismo a short time ago, to win a wager, he circled within a radius of seventy five feet the flag pole above one of the hotels. This was to convince the skeptical that he had perfect control.

At Pismo July 4 he shut off his motor at a height of 1,000 feet while out over the ocean and performed the perilous spiral glide to within a few feet
[[torn off]]
some one
ran into the
given him and
drenching without [[torn off]] machine's momentum, he succeeded in rising out of the water and made a successful and spectacular flight. Upon alighting he found one of his propeller blades split by contact with the water and several bolts sprung.

Thrilling Features.
Wiseman is said to be the only aviator at present giving exhibitions who has mastered the art of changing his course squarely while in the air. He does this by sitting upright and swinging the machine around with a skidding motion that is imperceptible to the spectators below. When flying the aviator remains in the air from five minutes to a half hour, but has been known to stay out longer. Unlike most of the birdmen he is always ready to please the crowd and will go as often as required. A thrilling feature of Wiseman's performance is his daring descents. He sometimes plunges downward from great heights with his machine tilted, beginning the impression he has met with a mishap. Before touching the ground, however, he writes the machine and alights with no perceptible force.

He will perform some of these thrilling stunts during his engagement here.
* The opening flights will be given Sunday, July 30.

Prentiss states that the aviator will close his Pismo beach engagement Sunday, July 23, and that he and Wiseman will probably arrive here the day following, to remain during the week and perfect arrangements for the flights.

The aviators appearance here will undoubtedly prove a great attraction.
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