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20th RECCO. Sqdn.
Sgt. Harry T. Cassidy
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Irumagawa Air Strip
Johnson Field, Japan.


Three FAF Bases Publish Papers

THIRD STRIKE has become the official publication of Atsugi AAB following a recent change of publishers which occurred when the base

An extensive training program is just beginning and it is hoped that very shortly we will receive from the States the necessary instructors, training aids, cut-away models of equipment and handbooks to accelerate the program. It is planned to give both classroom and on-the-job training. Your are important members of the Fifth Air Force and it is hoped that you will enjoy service with us in this theater.

Headquarter, Fifth Air Force.
The shipment consists of metal and leather craft kits and materials, mechanical drawing outfits and artists' materials which will be distributed to units through Air Force commands as soon as the equipment is assembled.

Materials will be available not only for classes in base schools but also to smaller units for use in hobby shops for off-duty recreation.

Planes of the 35th Fighter Group, Eighth Photo Reconnaissance Squadron, all based at Johns Field, were next inspected by the official party.

A spectacular serial show was seen at these planes later flew past the reviewing stand in low level formation.

One time Japan's largest training field for fliers, Johnson Field was formerly the headquarters of Fifth Air Force. Now the  home of Fifth Bomber Command, it is an important center of the Fifth's occupational air force. It is located 30 miles north-west of Tokyo; Lieutenant Colonel R.D. Dick is base commandant. 

The new 4500 foot runway is now considered one of the finest in Japan and can accommodate the heaviest types of aircraft.

The building of the first American runway in Japan climaxed the brilliant career of the 43rd Engineers. Often the unsung heroes of many Pacific air battles, the 43rd, pioneers in this theater is one of the oldest outfits overseas.
 Applications Forwarded
A total of 525 applications for regular army commissions have been received from Fifth Air Force officers By A-1 of Fifth Air Force. The applications have been forwarded to Washington by special courier so the will arrive at the War Department by March 1.

MAJ. GEN. K.B. Wolfe (left) is shown being greeted by Brig. Gen. Jarred V. Crabb (center) and Lt. Col. R.D. Dick after his initial landing at the new Johnson Field strip, while an honor guard of MP's stand by. The field was later formerly dedicated to the memory of Col. Gerald R. Johnson.

49ers Qualify for Lifetime TS Card
It was a sad day for the 49th Fighter Group when it moved from its new base, near Atsugi to
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[[image: soldier (sergeant) standing by a large sign "20th RECON SQDN LR PHOTO R.C.M." in front of a frame building, two small palm trees]]  Harry Cassidy  Started mapping the entire country of Japan

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