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(For use of this form, see AFI 84-103) ^[[ER.2009.171]]


I, ^[[William E. Jones]] (Donor Name) (hereafter Donor), ^[[1570 N. LaFontaine St.]] (Donor Street Address)

City of ^[[Huntington]] (City), State of ^[[Indiana]] (State), ZIP ^[[46750]] (ZIP Code), own the items described below and have full legal authority to dispose of them. I desire to give unconditionally the described property to the U.S. Air Force Museum System.

I understand that ^[[MGen (Ret) Charles D. Metcalf, Director]] (Office Title) of ^[[National Museum of the USAF]] (Museum Name)
(hereafter Donee), located at ^[[Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433-1903 (Base Name)

will accept the unconditional gift on behalf of the U.S. Air Force Museum system.

To carry out my purpose, I do hereby voluntarily give, transfer, convey and assign said property, free and clear of all encumbrances, to the Secretary of the Air Force, acting on behalf of the United States of America, including all rights relating to said property, including without limitation, copyrights and renewals and/or extensions thereof, for all territories of the world, to have and to hold the same forever, hereby relinquishing for myself, my executors, administrators, heirs, and assigns all ownership, rights, title, interest and possession therein to the Donee absolutely.

The herein described gift and transfer of said property does not entail the granting by the Donee special concessions or privileges to me or my executors, administrators, heirs, and assigns. The herein described gift and transfer of said property is made for the benefit or use in connection with the establishment, operation, or maintenance of the United States Air Force Museum System under the jurisdiction of the Department of the Air Force, in conformance with Title 10, United States Code, Section 2601.

I also understand that museum record-keeping procedures require that my name and address by kept on file, and I hereby acknowledge that I do not consider this to be an invasion of my privacy.

I understand that it is my responsibility to have an appraisal of the donated property made for tax purposes. No appraisals will be performed by ^[[William E. Jones, CPP]] (Historical Property Account Name) as a facility or members of the staff as individuals.


^[[handwritten note]]
1. DVD 6 - High Resolution (680 DPI) Low altitude aerials of the Hiroshima + Nagasaki atomic bomb damage. (The story was in Friends Journal Vol 21 No 3 Fall 1998.)

2. Sgt. W. E. Jones scrapbook/photo album, WWII.

3. Sgt. W. E. Jones WWII Scrapbook .ppt (Windows)

4. Sgt. W. E. Jones WWII Scrapbook .pptx (Windows 7)

[[signed]] William E Jones

^[[2009 Sept 21]]

[[signed]] [[?]] M King [[/signed]] 2009 09 25

AF IMT 3571, 20030819, V1

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