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Saturday, September 5, 1931  THE CLEVELAND NEWS
Coast-to-Coast Doolittle Holds 
Air Race Spotlight Today

[[image - photo of four woman aviators]]
[[image - photo of Clifford W. Henderson]]
[[caption]] MAJOR JAMES H. DOOLITTLE TODAY IS KING AT THE AIR RACES. and here are some scenes of his transcontinental triumph and of the reaces themselves. 1-Jimmy Doolittle Jr. and Mrs. Doolittle watching him come in. 2-At the finish at Newark, N. J., at his record-breaking flight. Jimmy himself brought the plate for this photograph back to Cleveland for the Associated Press. 3-The two speed kings, Doolittle and Lowell Bayles  4-Beeler Blevins, who won second money in the Bendix race from California. 5-An army squadron in flight. 6-Canadian flyers, F. M. Gobeil, E. S. McNab, H. W. Hewson and R. C. Hawtrey, left to right. 7-In the "blue bloods" derby, left to right, Miss Laura Morgan, Mrs. B. Allison Gillies, Miss Jessamine Goddard and Miss Manilla Davis. 8-Clifford W. Henderson and Pilot Harold F. Johnson landed from Burbank, Cal. [[/newspaper clipping]]

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[[image - photo of several planes]]
[[caption]] SPEED - IN THE AIR! - It's a fast age we're living in. Speed is the watchword. Here's line-up of some of the 12 planes flying from Hicksville, L. I., to Cleveland in amateur society fliers' derby. Four competitors are women.
(International) [[/caption]] [[/newspaper clipping]]

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Buffalo, Sept. 4-(UP) - The 12 planes in the Hicksville-Cleveland handicap air derby arrived in Buffalo late today for an overnight stop. 

Lawrence Tunure, New York broker, was the first pilot to bring his plane down, crossing the line at the Buffalo Airport at 5:27 p. m. He had left Syracuse, the preceding stop, at 3:05 p. m.

The remaining 11 pilots followed Tunure down in the following order: 

Allan Eustin, Robert Buck, youthful transcontinental pilot; Mrs. B. Allison Gillies; John La Salle, Worcester, Mass.; Miss Manilla Davis, James Eblin, Granville E. Smith, Hartford, Conn.; Miss Jessamine Goddard, New York city; A. W. Swett Jr., Miss Myra Morgan, and D. Vernon Shaw.

The pilots expected to resume their flight about 9 a. m. tomorrow.
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[[image - photo of trophy]]
[[caption]] "Victory" trophy awaits air victor! [[/caption]]
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