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I need not tell you the role that Native Americans have played in the development of our country and development of our commonwealth because our country started here. To the respect that our country started here, whatever you have done and those who were your forebearers, your ancestors {{??}} have built this country. It's only fair that, if I may mention something relative to ancestral roots [[?]] and I have always held that the slave trade give me. Yet the modern days fascinating living, the trend toward a more [[?]]society comes more upon us to learn about and to remember the constitutions of the various people of America and especially about governments and although only 2 of the original Virginia tribes have retained their reservations, the culture and the history of the Virginia Indians lives throughout our [[?]].
The names of our [[?]]recognized tribes are part of our consciousness [[?]] epitomized the other day by the presentations of chiefs from the [[?]], the eastern [[?]], the [[?]], and [[?]], the [[?]], the [[?]] and the [[?]]. Many people know these names only as rivers in our commonwealth. Not the rich cultural development and contributions that that have been made. Our children

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Need names of the Virginia tribes that he mentions

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