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{SPEAKER name=" [[?]] [[male speaker]] "}
...but to be big enough to say it and make certain and have to try and make it right. I'd like to thank the State of Virginia. [[applause]]

{SPEAKER name="Helen Rountree"}
Thank you, Honorable [[?]]. Last Saturday and Sunday many of us were at [[?]] Island, to celebrate the very moving return of [[?]] tribe to their ancestral homeland. Those of you that were not there, you missed a wonderful ceremony, and a wonderful part of history. What we're doing today symbolizes that search that we have for that history and culture and heritage; that we want to find out what happens in the past is still not [[that history?]]. And today Native American communities are in celebration beginning a very special week I hope we'll do just that.

It is now my pleasure to introduce to you the very capable, the very energetic, the very dedicated, the very smooth, the very wonderful Chairman of the city Council of Indian [[?]] Art. [[applause]]

{SPEAKER name="[[? male voice]] "} I thought she was talking about somebody else! [[laughter]] I thought she was talking about [[?]]. And all the time she was talking about [[?]]

I have [[?]]. I have the distinct pleasure to introduce [[?]]. I have known him from the early sixties, in fact the late fifties, and watched him in his progress through [[?]]

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