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Radio telegraphic apparatus, Italian                529
Radius of action, Colonial airplanes, French        409
               Night bombardment airplanes, French  407
          Gyration, French                          342
Rainfall, effect on Italian aircraft industry       573
Rang, aerial bomb, Italian                          515
Rateau superchargers                                900
               French                       429-451-485
               For Hispo-Suiza engine, recommended 
                    purchased                       909
Rate of turn, Reid control indicator, British       879
Ratio, weight horsepower, French                    487
Receiving apparatus, French                         377
Recommendation, airplanes                           898
               Bomb racks                           907
               Control, thermostatic                907
               Design                               898
               Engines                              898
               Fuel systems                         904
               Fuselage                             902
               Gear, landing                        906
               General                              898
               Landing gear                         906
               Metal construction                   900
               Motor mounts                         906
               Motors                               898
               Propellers                           907
               Purchases                            908
               Hacks, bomb                          907
               Serve motors                         907
               Technical report                     896
               Thermostatic control                 907
               Tires                                907
               Wheels                               907
               Wings                                902
               Wireless                             907
Reconnaissance airplanes, French        316-382-443-490
                         Italian                    519
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