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far as children were concerned. Do you know that those kids gave me hell. Used to tell me that [[strikethrough]] I couldn't ? [[/strikethrough]], coming from the south, ^[[I]] couldn't walk on the sidewalk, and they pushed me around. Oh, I caught hell. There were a few friends that were nice to me but it was very difficult. I was about nine. It settled down after a while, but they were nasty. Alma didn't [[strikethrough]] catch [[/strikethrough]] ^[[encounter]] that ^[[harrasment]] because she was with [[strikethrough]] an [[/strikethrough]] older group and they all took her in. My cousin Clyde was living here with us too. He was in the high school at the time. Clyde took Alma along with him and his friends, and all of Alma's friends were much older than she. 

We had nothing to do with Joseph ^[[McDuffie after the house episode]] but continued to [[strikethrough]]get along [[/strikethrough]] ^[[be friendly]] with Aunt Sally. [[strikethrough]] We lived upstairs then. [[/strikethrough]] ^[[The house]] It wasn't like it [[strikethrough]] was [[/strikethrough]] ^[[is]] now. This [the renovation] was all done in 1952. I was just learning to skate and had these roller skates. I put on the roller skates and skated over the [[strikethrough]] hedge [[/strikethrough]] ^[[head of Joe McDuffie]]. [[strikethrough]] It [[/strikethrough]] ^[[He]] was downstairs and they weren't acting right. Momma didn't exactly tell me to stop.  
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