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[[3 column table]]

—— | 1. | Henry O. Tanner was born in Philadelphia and he painted religious pictures.

—— | 2. | Edward M. Bannister was born in the early 19th century and he painted landscapes.

—— | 3. | Aaron Douglas painted the mural at the entrance of the Foyer in the "Hall of Negro Life" (a) This mural depicted the history of Negro Life in America.

—— | 4. | William E. Scott painted "Going to Her First Communion."

—— | 5. | Laura Wheeler Waring exhibited the picture entitled "Four Types of Negro Artists."

—— | 6. | James Wells is a distinguished graphic artist and he exhibited "Primitive Bay."

—— | 7. | Hale Woodruff exhibited the pieces of sculpture called the "Days of the Week."

—— | 8. | Edwin Harleston painted the "Lady With The Shawl." (a) He was born in Charleston, S. C. and he is still living.

—— | 9. | Malvin Gray Johnson is deceases and his painting of "Booker T. Washington" was exhibited at the Fair.

—— | 10. | Henry Letcher, a Washington sculptor, exhibited pieces of sculpture and pottery.
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Multiple Choice

1. The following art instructors at Howard University exhibited at the Texas Centennial.
 James Wells
 Lois Jones
 James Porter
 Palmer C. Hayden

2. Edward M. Bannister was born in the early

 19th century
 20th century
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