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3. Henry O. Tanner war born in
 a. Philadelphia
 b. Washington 
 c. New York 

4.  Henry O. Tanner painted the
 a. Return From The Crucifixion
 b. The Storm
 c. Daniel In The Lion's Den

5.  Aaron Douglas painted
 a. Marine
 b. Murals
 c. Landscape

6.  The Hall of Negro Life was a building given by the government for the purpose of exhibiting Negro Work at the
 a. Chicago World's Fair
 b. Texas Centennial

7.  The mural on the wall of the Foyer of the Hall of Negro Life was painted by
 a. Edwin Harleston
 b. Palmer C. Hayden
 c. Aaron Douglass

8.  Archibald J. Motley, Jr. painted the following pictures
 a. Saturday Night
 b. Booker Washington
 c. Barbecue

9.  Laura Wheeler Waring exhibited at the Texas Centennial the pictures entitled
 a. The Four Types of Negro Boys
 b. Ada Peeling Apples
 c. Hanging Out of Clothes in the Back Yard

10. "My Guitar" was painted by
 a. Hilda W. Brown
 b. Lois Jones
 c. Laura Wheeler
 d. William E. Scott
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