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[[image - color photograph of Will Cruickshank with Valerie and James Burry at Strathisla distillery]]

Will Cruickshank shares the secret of 100 Pipers Scotch blending with Valerie and James Burry.

When Val and Jim Burry took their long-awaited trip to Great Britain, their travels brought them to our Strathisla distillery.

We're always delighted to welcome visitors, and our Will Cruickshank took the Burrys on a tour of the distillery—the oldest in Scotland.

In Bonded Warehouse Number 12, where millions of gallons of fine whisky mature in old oak casts, Will demonstrated the sampling ritual that takes place before a drop of whisky is selected for the 100 Pipers blend.

A wee dram of whisky is placed in a snifter-like glass. Then, our master blender "noses" the whisky. Guided only by its aroma—and his sophisticated sense of smell—he decides whether it is ready to make its unique contribution to 100 Pipers. In all, over thirty-one different malt and grain whiskies combines to give Pipers its classic, mellow, rewarding flavor. And each one is selected in exactly this fashion.

Time-honored traditions and proud men like Will Cruickshank are what it takes to make a great whisky. And a great whisky is the very least we'll settle for.

Seagram's 100 PIPERS Scotch

[[image - color photograph of a bottle of Seagram's 100 Pipers Scotch]]

It's made proudly. Drink it that way.

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