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Chairman | M. W. Rosemond, 2010 E. 102nd St., Cleveland, OH 44106
District I | Wm. B. Trice (1972), Professional Bldg., Erie, PA 16501
 | R. C. Bolden (1973), 3539 Butler St., Pittsburgh, PA 15201
 | William Jones (1974), 700 Main St., Springfield, MA 01105

District II | Fred Bronson (1972), 3006 Woodburn Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45206
 | W. G. D. Henderson (1973), 1503 Myrtle Dr., Danville IL 51832
 | J. A. Catchings (1974), 504 E. Warren St., Detroit MI 48201

District III | R. M. Phillips (1972), 4200 Edmondson Ave., Baltimore, MD 212
 | Millard Dean (1973), 1755 18th St., NW, Wash., DC 20009
 | Frank Shuford Jr. (1974), 2100 N. Capitol St., Wash., DC 20002

District IV | Eugene Kilgore (1972), 802 Buffalo St., Johnson City, TN 37601
 | W. J. Dowdell (1973), 4 1/2 N. 20th St., Bessemer AL 35020
 | B. M. Jefferson (1974), 1630 4th ave. N., Bessemer, AL 35020

District V | W. L. Molette (1972), 201 S. Linden St., Pine Bluff, AR 71601
 | R. B. Taylor Sr. (1973), 1015 E. Third St., Okmulgee, OK 74447
 | Benjamin Davis (1974), 4901A Easton Ave., St. Louis, MO 63113

District VI | J. L. Brown (1972), P.O. Box 549, Longview, TX 75601
 | C. L. Barnes (1973), 2307 1/2 Dowling St., Houston, TX 77004
 | W. Tucker (1974), 1635 E. 103rd St., Box 72238, Los Angeles, CA 90002

DIRECTORY 1972-1973

President  Eddie G. Smith Jr., 740 Sixth St. NW, Wash., DC
President-Elect  M. W. Rosemond, 2010 E. 102 St., Cleveland
Vice-President  Frank Shuford Jr., 2100 N. Capitol St., Wash., DC
Executive Director  E. N. Jackson, P.O. Box 197, Charleston
Speaker of House  C. E. Williams Jr., 1505 Roosevelt Rd.,
Vice-Speaker  Oscar Sistrunk Jr., 25 S. Main St., Manville,
Parliamentarian  J. R. Willie, 4213 B Dowling St., Houston,
Sergeant-at-Arms  G. W. West., 173 S. Third St., Memphis,
Chaplain  R. B. Taylor Sr., 1015 E. Third St., Okmulgee, O
Historian  C. E. Williams Sr., 1505 Roosevelt Rd., Chicago,
Natl. Scientific Dir.  R. M. Phillips, 4200 Edmonton, Balting
Dir. Publicity  F. J. Bronson, 3035 Vernon Pl., Cincinnati,
Dir. Exhibits  Wm. B. Trice, Professional Bldg., Erie, PA
Dir. Natl. Souvenir Program  B. F. Davis, 4901A Easton Ave.,
Local Convention Chmn.  R. Nero, 7330 W. Warren St., D
Chmn. Acad. Den. Children  A. M. Pratt, 328 E. 75th St.,
Editor  C. O. Dummett, 5344 Highlight Pl., Los Angeles, CA


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