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WORKSHOP E: Business Opportunities 
Black economic growth and development to provide a sound economy within the local community is an ever pressing challenge. We need new well-established, well-run businesses not only to bolster the Black business outlook, but also to provide much needed jobs for Blacks within our communities. The development of firms to help fund Black owned and/or operated businesses and also to provide a source for technical assistance to these and other Black businesses are key areas in which involvement would be beneficial to our people. 
1. The group could set up a development corporation to pool resources to provide capital for viable Black businesses, 
2. Volunteer consulting - identify businesses that need services, provide them on a non-profit basis, 
3. The 10-36 Sullivan plan has been proved by Rev. Sullivan in Philadelphia. This could be a very simple and most effective proven way of obtaining capital which would have a high economic impact. 
[[images - 6 black and white photos of Workshop E participants]]