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Fraternity, Inc.

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"Culture for Service and Service for Humanity"

Delegates voted to monitor all programs designed to eliminate or continue all affirmative action programs. Delegates voted to spearhead a Black survival fund. Sigma will seek cooperation for the establishment of this fund from all other national, state, local and existing Black organizations. Sigma will provide effective leadership in pressuring local, state and federal legislatures and private institutions to execute those practices and enact laws to eliminate unemployment which decimated the poor and Black youths.

Delegates voted to ask President Carter to exert pressure through the United Nations on other members of the U.N. to follow his policy of equal opportunities and human rights for African Blacks. Delegates voted to send telegrams, letters and engage in all forms of communication to ask President Carter and all representatives in the government and the members of the Congressional Black Caucus to exert every effort to enact laws to safeguard the policy of Affirmative Action for all blacks and other disadvantaged ethnic groups. The delegates attending the 64th Anniversary Convention resolved to work assiduously in their respective communities for increased voter registration and for voters to vote in all national, state and local elections in the areas of their sphere of influence.

Other national officers elected to lead Sigma Fraternity with President Ballard were: Charles Wright, New York, first national Vice President; Anthony Essex, Los Angeles, California, second Vice President; Charles W. Moore, Atlanta, Georgia, national Treasurer; Lewis W. Engram, National Director of Bigger and Better Business; Guilbert A. Daley, Editor of Crescent; Carter O. Wormack, National Director of Education; Demetrius C. Newton, Birmingham, Alabama, National Legal Counsel; Allen Stewart, Jackson, Mississippi, Director of Program Development; C. Melvin Patrick, New York City, National Director of Publicity; Clifton H. Felton, Maryland, National Director of Social Action; Immediate Past National President, John E. Westberry, Texas Southern University, Texas; National Accountant, Richard E. alleyne, Sr., of New York City; National Executive Director, Gerald D. Smith, Washington, D.C.; National Executive Director Emeritus William E. Doar, Jr., Brooklyn, N.Y.; National Director of Undergraduate Affairs, William E. Stanley, Jr., Oakland, Calif.

The 65th Anniversary Conclave of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity will be held December 27-31, Regency Hyatt Hotel, Washington, D.C.

"We are fearful of the wave of negative conservatism now sweeping the country which seeks to eliminate all affirmative action programs. We are knowledgeable of the attempts of too many in high places in government and private business endeavors who are bent on taking back all gains won by Blacks during the sixties in Employment, Politics, Education and Social Welfare. The delegates voted to ask President Carter to use the power of his office to support Black survival programs in employment and education; and to preserve the execution of all affirmative action programs. Delegates voted to embark on a program of teaching "national Black voting" among Blacks. Sigma would, through its political actions programs, work for the defeat of all candidates, white or black, who do not have Black welfare at heart. Sigma would work for the election of all candidates, white or black, who seek to eliminate those conditions detrimental to employment, affirmative action, and education for the poor, and especially disadvantaged Blacks. The delegates voted to ask President Carter to use his office to aid Black educational institutions which are rapidly being placed on the "endangered species" list by the action of Secretary Califano in penalizing them for failure to collect repayment of government loans and grants made to their students. The delegates asked President Carter to monitor the ruling of the Secretary in these matters, which are being used by state and local officials to eliminate the Black Colleges from existence in their communities.

[[caption]] President Richard Ballard, Jr. addressing the 64th Anniversary Conclave in San Francisco Hilton Hotel. [[/caption]]

National Director of Bigger and Better Business
Lewis W. Engram
3900 Fernwood Drive
Houston, TX 77021

National Editor-in-Chief
Reuben N. Vaughn
4060 W. Buena Vista
Detroit, MI 48238

National Director of Education
O. A. Dupree
3212 Bell Drive
Raleigh, NC 27610

National Legal Counsel
Atty F. Malcolm Cunningham
600 Rosemary Avenue
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

National Director of Project S-A-D
Carter D. Womack
1346 Frederick Blvd
Akron, OH 44320

National Director of Program Development
Allen Stewart
P. O. Box 17028,
Jackson State University
Jackson, MS 39209

National Director of Publicity
Mel Patrick
2225 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10037

National Director of Social Action
J. Niel Armstrong
808 Bellaire Street
Greensboro, NC 27406

Immediate Past National President
John E. Westberry
Texas Southern University
Houston, TX 77004

National Auditor
Richard E. Alleyne, Sr.
582 Bainbridge Street
Brooklyn, NY 11233

National Director of Undergraduate Affairs
William E. Stanley, Jr.
811 York Street (Apt. 307)
Oakland, CA 94610

National Executive Director
William E. Doar, Jr.
1006 Carroll Street
Brooklyn, NY 11225

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity

From the charter group of twelve Howard University students who 

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