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[[caption]] Lady Ethel Kuykendall
Indianapolis, Ind.
Area V Director [[/caption]]

[[caption]] Lady Marjorie Billingsly
Bexley, Ohio
Area Director-at-Large [[/caption]]

[[caption]] Parliamentarian
Lady Marie Stellos, Ph.D.
St. Louis, Mo. [[/caption]]

[[caption]] Lady Jessie Rice
Dallas, Texas
Sergeant-at-Arms [[/caption]]

[[caption]] Lady Vivian Crawley
Cincinnati, Ohio [[/caption]]

[[caption]] Lady Carolyn Lutz
Northington, Ohio [[/caption]]

[[caption]] 2nd Vice President
Lady Fredda Witherspoon, Ph.D.
St. Louis, Mo. [[/caption]]

     The inception of Top Ladies of Distinction, incorporated, a national, humanitarian, educational,  interracial organization outgrowth of a meeting held by Mrs. Lyndon Baines Johnson shortly after she and President Johnson moved into the White House, Washington, D.C.
     The first meeting to establish policies and governing laws of the organization was held June 4, 1964, Tyler, Texas.  The first official meeting was held in February 1965, Houston, Texas with Lady Franchell J. Boswell presiding as the first National President. 
     The purposes of Top Ladies of Distinction, Incorporated, are:
• To sponsor a youth organization, Top Teens Of America, in order to provide opportunities of the wholesome development of youth's potentials in every facet of living,
• Enhancement of the status of all women -- members and non-members, 
• Enrichment of the optimal living of "Senior Citizens,"
• To help keep America beautiful by beautifying the physical and psychological environments in our respective communities.
     Thus, TLOD aims to enhance the usefulness in general and advance the ideals, standards, and general welfare of the community through service, by encouraging and promoting such activities that are conducive to community betterment.
     Top Ladies of Distinction, Incorporated, is composed of distinguished women who are interested in the well-being of all individuals - youth and adults- and in the preservation of values significant to wholesome living. The classes of membership are: Active, Syn-Lod, Life and Honorary, The "Lords," who are husbands and sweethearts of the "Top Ladies," are know as the TLOD Auxiliary.
     The Annual Convention of the total membership is known as Syn-Lod.  It meets in various citities, usually the end of the third week in June.  Each Chapter has representation in proportion to its Chapter membership.
     The Administrative Board is known as Parliamen-Top, whose membership is the governing body of TLOD.  It consists of elected and appointed National Officers, Charter Members, Past Presidents, a Member-at-Large from each Area, and Chairmen of Standing Committees.
     Chapters are composed of not less than five members.  They are located in Six geographical areas of the United States:
     Area 1 - Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana
     Area II - Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, District of Columbia, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.

Atlanta, Georgia
Austin, Texas
Baltimore, Maryland
Beaumont, Texas
Chicago, Illinois
Cincinnati, Ohio
Cleveland, Ohio
Columbus, Ohio
Dallas, Texas
Dayton, Ohio
Detroit, Michigan
Fort Worth, Texas
Houston, Texas
Indianapolis, Indiana
Inglewood, California
Jackson, Tennessee
Knoxville, Kentucky
Little Rock, Arkansas
Los Angeles, California
Lake Charles, Louisiana
Lufkin, Texas
Miami, Florida
Nacogdoches, Texas
Pensacola, Florida
Port Arthur, Texas
Phoenix, Arizona
Prairie View, Texas
Queens, New York
St. Louis, Missouri
San Antonio, Texas
Shreveport, Louisiana
Texarkana, Texas
Trenton, New Jersey
Tyler, Texas
Westchester, New York
Wilberforce, Ohio

Los Angeles Chapter Officers
Lady Barbara Mounts, President
Lady Lettye M. Young, 1st Vice President
Lady Earlene Hudson, 2nd Vice President
Lady Athol Davis, Recording Secretary
Lady Charlene Woodson, Treasurer
Lady Lois Broadway, Financial Secretary
Lady Mae Lee, Historian
Lady Carrie Williams, Sgt.-at-Arms
Lady Irene Westbrook, Parliamentarian
Lady Paula Goines, Chaplain
Lady Rosslyn Thompson, Top Ten Dir.
Lady Doris Newman, Asst. Top Teen Dir.
Lady Billie M. Ware, Area VII Director
Lady Lois Broadway, Area Top Teen Adv.
Lady Majoyce Arterberry
Lady Ida Browne
Lady Lena Hughes
Lady Carolyn Johnson
Lady Marie Larsuel
Lady JoAnn Yancey
Lady Montana McNealy
Lady Juanita Moore
Lady Mayme L. Sweeney
Lady Addie Thompson
Lady Merelean Wilson

Associate Members
Lady Rose Marie Ashford
Lady Ethel Bradley

Motto: "Shapers Of Change: A Continuing Commitment"
Program Emphasis: "Looking Within"


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Under the image of Lady Jessie Rice and down the right-hand side of the page is a listing of chapter locations of this organization, Members Non-members and the motto. It was unclear how to transcribe this on the page next to the text that is on the page. I transcribed the list below the text that was on the page.

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