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Why Old Grand-Dad Special Selection is the most expensive Bourbon in the world.

114 Barrel Proof: Like our other fine Old Grand-Dad Bourbon, Old Grand-Dad Special Selection is distilled, then aged undisturbed in small quantities in a careful process that's remained unchanged for almost 100 years. So each barrel meets the exacting taste standards that all Old Grand-Dad is famous for.

But what makes Special Selection so special is it's bottled straight from the barrel, at 114 barrel proof. The same way Bourbon used to be bottled.

Taste: As you savor a snifter of Old Grand-Dad Special Selection, notice its amber hue, its fragrant bouquet and mellow body. You'll know why we recommend it to people who drink Bourbon for sheer enjoyment.

Tradition: Old Grand-Dad Special Selection is made to be enjoyed the same way Bourbon used to be. In fact, each bottle is so important, it bears its own lot number. It's expensive, yes. But it's also exceptional. And isn't that what matters to somebody who appreciates fine Bourbon most of all?


The most expensive Bourbon in the World.

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 114 Proof. Old Grand-Dad Distillery Co., Frankfort, KY 40601


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[[image - color photograph of Old Grand-Dad Bourbon Whiskey bottle, shot glass with Old Grand-Dad on ice and small bust of Old Grand-Dad]]

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