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arts—at the Federal, state and local levels, in the public and private sector—assume responsibility for solving these problems, then this nation will not have the credibility or moral stature to play a world-wide leadership role in the human rights arena.

We in the NAACP have much work to do. We must now challenge the propriety of all-white juries where non-whites are being tried wherever it appears blacks have been deliberately or improperly excluded.

We must expand our membership and strengthen our branch network and legal resources for challenging and removing from local office, state and Federal officials whose behavior or words indicate an unwillingness to promote and implement this program of equal justice for all.

Now let me survey the landscape, to remind us how difficult these coming days, weeks, months and years will be, not to discourage our members but to gird us for the long-haul.

From where I sit in the National Office, and on the basis of my traveling across this country, I have been receiving alarming reports of the resurgence of racial bigotry. There have been bomb threats, and there has been hate mail—anonymous and signed profane letters. I have received a signed letter from a person who boldly proclaimed that "blacks have turned the U.S. into a savage jungle."

There have also been the newspaper columns and articles—by whites and blacks—distorting the facts about busing, flooding the country with lies about "reverse discrimination."

The Ku Klux Klan has been teaching Boy Scouts and Civil Air Patrol cadets how to strangle people and fire guns.

Black men have had their hearts cut-out, and black teenagers have fallen victim to the knife of an unapprehended slasher in New York City and Buffalo.

In North Carolina, Klan members were acquitted of charges of murdering people at an anti-Klan rally despite videotape evidence of the shootings. In Miami, Florida a black man's head was brutally smashed by white policemen who were acquitted of wrongdoing by an all-white jury. In Chattanooga, Tennessee, Klansmen were acquitted of shooting four black women.

In New York City, white mobs attacked the school buses carrying black children to New Dorp High School on Staten Island and, in that school, white students called blacks "niggers" and forced school authorities to send the blacks home to ensure their safety.

The Ku Klux Klan has moved up to Canada, agitating against the non-white minorities.

What has brought on this sad state of affairs? Whatever the cause, I fear that the real majority of decent American citizens have become captives of bigotry. They have been intimidated, brow-beaten, lied to, manipulated, and dragooned into

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