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welcomes black Americans back into the forefront of American life. In the 60s, integration moved black Americans to the front of the bus. In the 70s, affirmative action secured the right to drive the bus. In the 80s, we must provide a change to own the bus company.

"We must make this recovery for all of us again. I will reaffirm my lifetime commitment to civil rights and voting rights by enforcing those laws once again. As President of the United States I'm going to pick the pros who spent their lives enforcing civil rights and put them in charge of all the laws that need enforcing.

"I will turn the power of the presidency to fighting discrimination on the basis of race, age or sex, and I do so believing profoundly in the principle of affirmative action.

"I want to be the President who ends the feminization of poverty. I want to ensure pay equity for American women. And, I want to preserve, protect and defend a Constitution that includes the Equal Rights Amendment.

"I intend to be the best President black colleges in this country have ever had. I'm going to help those kids go to college. I'm going to help those institutions get on their own feet. And I'm going to help them become and keep being the most superb institutions of education, so that for now and in the future, young people wanting to go to black colleges will have them there and have the best education.

"I will appoint black Americans to the highest offices in the land, just as I have in my own campaign, with leaders like George Dalley, Doris Crenshaw, John Dyke and others. And I've not just hired leaders to help me win this campaign. All of my travel agency. All of my bookkeeping and auditing is done by a black accounting agency. I want to campaign to reflect my presidency.

"Today I ask you to join with me in that battle. Let us return a people's President to the White House Without your help, without your participation, we're not going to win it. If you stand up and are counted, we can't lose it.

"I don't want your help just to be elected, I want your help to govern. When I'm elected President, one of the first things I want to do is to convene a National Board meeting of the NAACP in my office to get my Administration started off on a good and solid footing.

"I have travelled [[traveled]] this nation for two solid years. I have travelled [[traveled]] it probably more than any living American, and there's something happening. People are getting ready to move. They've had enough. They want to participate. They want a change. And they want to elect a Democrat who believes in people, to get this country moving again in the direction that we all know it must go."

Sen. John Glenn (D., Ohio):

"...I don't blame you for lacking faith in administration policies. Not when black unemployment still officially hovers 29% - and unofficially soars much higher. Not when the jobless rate among minority youth continues to exceed 50% in many areas. And not when the income gap between whites and blacks grows steadily wider.

"...I share those concerns. And that's why I'll soon be introducting [[introducing]] legislation to create a job training trust fund for workers in need of health-and it's why I've recently announced a $7 billion education program to restore excellence and opportunity in our schools. At the college level - where cutbacks in student aid have devastated blacks and other minorities - I have also proposed a national voluntary service program that would permit high school graduates to earn tuition grants in exchange for work in their local communities.

"And let me say that under a Glenn administration there would be no retreat from the goals of affirmative action. We all know the Reagan administration's shameful record on minority appointments - and we've heard all their excuses about not being able to find qualified candidates. Well, I intend to find those candidates - and I assure you that those who I do appoint will be more than mere tokens.

"And every singe [[single]] one of my appointments - black and white - will enforce the law. My attorney General will see to it that the agency he heads is truly a Department of Justice. My Assistant Attorney General won't need Aaron Henry or Jesse Jackson to take him on a tour before he understands the difference between civil rights and civil rights violations. And my Budget Director won't have to spend his first two years merrily slashing away at equal employment programs or housing discrimination enforcement funds.

"...When America loses its voice for human rights, it speaks for very little - and stands for even less. In 1984, we need an administration  that treats political refugees fairly - and respect their rights fully. And we need an administration that will pursue a policy of better relations with the people of Black Africa, instead of 'constructive engagements' with the apartheid regime of South Africa."

Sen. Alan Cranston, (D., Calif.:)

"From my position in the Senate, I have opposed Ronald Reagan's massive budget cuts in social programs - cuts that widen the gap between the rich and poor in our society.

"From my position in the White House I could do much more.

"Our goal must be not just a balanced budget - but a balanced society. I'm fighting for a fundamental change in politics that will ensure that minorities and women aren't just given a voice on issues that traditionally concern them -  but have a meaningful role in all the decision making of our society.

"I'll fight until my last breath to make certain that our Government never abandons its endeavor to eliminate racism and to provide decent housing, adequate health care, equal justice and equal opportunity - and jobs - for all Americans.

"If the Democratic Party is to win in 1984, we will need the involvement of black Americans at every level. We cannot ask for your support unless you have a stake in democratic policies and a voice in their formulation.

"The Democratic Party must recognize that civil rights issues of the '80s are more than legal issues they are economic and social issues, too. (I will negotiate with the Russians) to end this dangerous folly (of a nuclear arms race) before it ends us.

"I want to undertake the mission of driving joblessness and despair from America - fall all Americans."

Reubin Askew (Former Governor of Florida):

"Ronald Reagan's policies of economics apartheid are condemning millions of blacks, millions of Hispanics, millions of impoverished women, and untold numbers of other minorities, to a culture of poverty and dependency, drugs and delinquency, crime and illiteracy, promiscuity and unwed motherhood.

"The President has now transformed even the Civil Rights Commission into a trumpet for his retreat from our national commitment to civil rights.

"I am not surprised by the actions

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