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The Annual Whitney M. Young, Jr. Football Classic between Grambling College and North Carolina Central was held at Yankee Stadium Sept. 1985

Greetings from the New York Urban League. We were pleased to present the 14th Annual Whitney M. Young, Jr. Memorial Football Classic. The rivals were Grambling and North Carolina Central. It is your support of the Classic over the years that has enabled us to award scholarships to deserving young students in the New York area.

The Whitney M. Young, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund, administered by the New York Urban League, has given thousands of dollars to fifty students in the past six years.

The Classic and the Scholarship Fund have certainly reaped the benefits of the generosity of George Steinbrener and the New York Yankees Foundation. Their sponsorship have enhanced the success of our efforts. It is with great pride that the New York Urban League notes that the Whitney M. Young Jr. Memorial Football Classic is one of New York City's outstanding events and has social and athletic significance on a national level. It is a big event in the world's biggest city.

Our work at the League is geared towards providing minorities with needed services such as job placements, job training, housing and counseling, home care for the elderly, special programs for children and much more. You can help with our year-round programs by joining the New York Urban League team. Our membership plays a vital role in making our programs work. Be a team player! Join the New York Urban League.

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