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ready for use some time in October.  The colored man continued to teach an evening school.

The idea of the negros enjoying the same [[underlined]] rights [[/underlined]] and [[underlined]] privileges [[/underlined]] as white men, is not a [[underlined]] popular [[/underlined]] one in this corner of Miss.  There are some of the [[underlined]] "overpowered" ones [[/underlined]] here who sometimes become quite boistrous about the "d-----d nigger"; I have tried a number of this class during the last month, for "abuse of Freedmen" and in a majority of cases found them guilty and fined them from $15.00 to $50.00 according to the extent of the abuse.

The garrison of this Post consists entirely of negro troops, so my chance for getting a clerk detailed by Post Command'r is [[underlined]] poor, [[/underlined]] as I heard said Command'r remark a few days ago, that he hadn't a man in his Company who could [[underlined]] write [[/underlined]] [[strikethrough]] or read [[/strikethrough]]

My only chance for a clerk depends on having a citizen authorized at your H'd Q'rs, so I am satisfied there is no enlisted man to be obtained that can perform the required duties.  If I am to be allowed no ass't or clerk I respectfully ask to be relieved; as I consider the duties too onerous, too heavy for one alone to perform   My wishes and choice regarding a clerk were expressed in a former letter
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