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The corporate name of the Club will be OX5 CLUB OF AMERICA.


The seal shall be circular in the form with the words "OX5 CLUB OF AMERICA" inscribed thereon, with a marginal band around the edge with these words in that band-- "ORGANIZED 1955".


Club Objectives

This Club is formed for the following purposes:

A. To record in detail the history of the development of air transportation during the period starting on January 1, 1914 and ending December 31, 1940.

B. To perpetuate the memory and accomplishments of the thousands of pilots who learned to fly and operationally flew aircraft powered by the OX5 engine.

C. To specifically recognize the contributions made to the development of aviation by those persons who owned or were associated with or who participated in the design, construction, repair and maintenance of OX5 powered aircraft.

D. To actively support and encourage projects that will lead to an increase in the use of aircraft and advancement of airmen.

E. To enfranchise satellite clubs at local levels, and co-ordinate their activities. 

F. To provide a publication containing reports of the Club's activities, historical resumes, and other information in consonance with the Club's objective.



Section 1. Membership will be limited to those who, prior to December 31, 1940:

(a) have soloed or flown an OX5 powered aircraft; or 

(b) have owned an OX5 powered aircraft; or

(c) actively and directly participated in the design, construction, repair, maintenance, or operation of OX5 powered aircraft.

Section 2. Membership shall be classified as follows:

(a) Regular membership consisting of members who maintain full rights and privileges by payment of annual dues and fees as prescribed in the By-Laws.

(b) Life members, consisting of members whose rights and privileges have been assured throughout their life time by payment of the single fee prescribed in the By-Laws.

(c) A member is considered "current" and in good standing with full rights and privileges and eligible to vote when and if the current dues and fees have been paid to the National Treasurer.

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