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Montrose-La Crescenta Kiwanis Club
Montrose, California
April 26th, 1935.

Miss Mary Charles,
Department of Public Relations,
Gilmore Oil Co.,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Dear Miss Charles:

Thank you very much for your letter of April 24th addressed to Mr. Johnson. We are deeply grateful to you for the time and effort you spent in coming out to talk to our club last Tuesday, and wish for yourself and the Gilmore Oil Company continued success and prosperity.

L.H. Meritt
L. H. Meritt,

PERCY J. JOHNSON - President
George H. Thomas --- Vice President
Guy E. Carlton - - Vice President
Lee H. Meritt - Secretary-Treasurer

Berg, Haakon
Belanger, Joe E.
Carlton, Guy E.
Carpenter, Arthur A.
Johns, Llywolaf
Johnson, Percy H.
Lawhead, Lee V.
Meritt, Lee H.
Peet, Floyd A.
Pyles, Jay F.
Steelhead, Bert W.
Thomas, George H.

Program - J. F. Pyles, Chairman; and rest of club on call.
Interclub Relations - F. A. Peet, Chairman; Paul Smith, Ralph Moore.
Underprivileged Child - A. W. Clark, Chairman; Mark Collins, Lee V. Lawhead.
Public Affairs - R. W. Longman, Chairman; H. Berg, Floyd Peet.
Attendance - Stuart Collins, Chairman; L. K. Harris, Earl Shook.
Business Standards - George H. Thomas, Chairman; W. W. Crippen, Ralph W. Moore.
Reception - Don Stewart, Chairman; Bert Steelhead, Harold Wakeman.
Entertainment - Fay Tinker, Chairman; Paul Reed, Joe Belanger.
Finance - Guy Carlton, Chairman; Theo Belanger, C.C. Stewart.
House - Art Carpenter, Chairman; Dr. Leean, Harold Wakeman.
Kiwanis Education - Bert Steelhead, Chairman; C. C. Stewart, Guy Carlton.
Classification and Membership - Phil. Belanger, Chairman; Bernard Anawalt, Joe Belanger.
Boy Scouts - Paul Smith, Chairman; Al Sullivan, Harold Wakeman. 
Sports - Dr. L. Johns, Chairman; Bernard Anawalt, Al Sullivan.
Sergeant-at-arms - Earl Shook.
Song Leader - Bernard Anawalt.

[partially covered by another paper]
, April 24th, 1935.

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[partially covered]
January 1935 [Image with the words MORE LIGHT] January 1935
The Bliss of Growth,
The Glory of Action,
The Splendor of Beauty.
Mrs. Maude R. Newell-------President
Mrs. Doris E. West------First Vice President
Mrs. Zetta N. Hagey------Second Vice President
Mrs. A. L. Haney-------Recording Secretary
Mrs. J. C. Hilty-----Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. Homer c. Lash------General Curator
Mrs. F. N. Childers-------Treasurer
Mrs. F. H. Dolan
Mrs. E. A. Lyon
Mrs. Chas. L. Murphy
Mrs. A. L. Phillips
Mrs. George W. Fahrman

Club     Sec. 562, P.L.&R.

[partially covered]
2525 [[?]] st
Huntington Park
Jan. 20-1935

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