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Wednesday, April 24th, 1935.


( Please read to your FOURTH Period Classes )


The Girls' League is sponsoring an assembly for the entire school tomorrow, Thursday, at 11:00 A. M. Kindly inform your period IV - today. Students must sit with their own class groups. Roll is to be taken as usual.


The program is under the direction of Mrs. Mary Charles, Captain of the Women's Air Reserve. She will present the following, who are active in aviation:-

Matilde Moisant - Second Woman in the United States to receive a pilot's license
Pretto Bell - (License 29820) Youngest woman pilot in the United States
Hilda Jarmouth - Hawaiian Flier
Winifred Jarrett- Santa Monica Pilot
Eileen Curley - Lieutenant-Women's Air Reserce
Lt. Emma McNair Kittredge, M. D. - First woman to be appointed by U. S. Government as medical examiner for air pilots - also Flight Surgeon of Women's Air Reserve
Katherine Cheung- Only Chinese girl holding pilot's license
Betty Gage - [[?]] High

2525 Calif. St
Huntington Park - Calif.
Jan. 20 - 1935

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2:00 Call to Order.
2:30 "The Spirit of A[[text cut off]] Group of Women [[text cut off]] all Licensed W[[text cut off]]
Mrs Mary Charl[[text cut off]]
Matilde Moisant,[[text cut off]] in United Stat[[text cut off]]
Clema Granger, [[text cut off]] Club.
Gladys O'Donnel[[text cut off]]
These Speakers[[text cut off]] Aviation.

JANUARY 15th -
2:00 Call to Order.
2:30 Our Gymnasium [[text cut off]] Chorus, Callis[[text cut off]] and Grace and [[text cut off]]
Miss Lillian Hay[[text cut off]]

JANUARY 29th - 
2:00 Call to Order.
2:30 Reminescences [[text cut off]] West Ebell.
Book Review - "[[text cut off]]
Whistling Duet...[[text cut off]]Accompanied[[text cut off]]

Mrs. Hom[[text cut off]]
Spanish - Every T[[text cut off]]
Music - Every Tu[[text cut off]]
Parliamentary La[[text cut off]]
Drama - Second [[text cut off]]
California History [[text cut off]] 2:30 P.[[text cut off]]
Bible - Every First [[text cut off]]
Federation Day - [[text cut off]] Conferen[[text cut off]]
World Events - A[[text cut off]] Tuesday[[text cut off]]
Physical Culture - [[text cut off]]


Monday Meetings
Seventh and Figueroa

Business Office
Room 1007, 728 S. Hill St.
Phone TUcker 3549

JANUARY - 1935
January 7
No Morning Meeting
One P.M. 
"The Present Street Railway Strike in Los Angeles," James J. Morgan, Financial Secretary, Amalgamated Association of Street and Electric Railway and Motor Coach Employees of America, Local Division 997.
J. Stuart Neary, Attorney for Los Angeles Railway.

Immediately following, we are to have the pleasure of hearing the three High School Students, who won First, Second and Third places in the Los Angeles Evening Herald-Express Extemporaneous Oratorical Contest, held recently, outline their philosophies of life.

First, Sherman Mellinkoff, Beverly Hills High, "Youth Facing the Changing World"; second, Miss Patricia Sepulveda, San Pedro High, "The Fine Arts in Any Code of Living"; third, Miss Brooke Falkenstein, Hollywood High, "The Home of the New Generation."

January 14- 10:45 A.M.
"The New Trend in Education." Speakers to be announced later.

One P.M.
"Impressions from the Orient," Dr. Claude Buss. (Lecturer on International Relations.) Dr. Buss, for the past five years, has been the United States Foreign Service Officer stationed in China, and has spent much time in Japan.

January 21- 10:45 A.M.
"Youth Is on the March," Harry F. Henderson, General Secretary, Y.M.C.A. of Los Angeles. Program arranged by Mrs. Emilie L. Oswald, Director and Chairman of Luncheons.

One P.M.
Presenting Chief Ho-To-Pi (internationally known tenor), in a group of American Indian, Tribal and Spanish songs. Chief Ho-To-Pi will also speak briefly of the Indian and present Koo-Ka and Grami-Ha-Pi, two Santa Domingo Indians, in Interpretive Dances.

January 28 - 10:45 A.M.
"Aerial Activity Among Women"
Mary Charles, Captain of the Women's Air Reserve, presenting: First, Mathilde Moissant (second woman in the United States to receive an Air Pilot's License).
Miss Moissant will tell her experiences in learning to fly.
Second, Squad No. 1, Medical Detachment, Women's Air Reserve (Lieutenant Viola Neill, C. O.), first flying medical unit in the world, composed entirely of women.

One P.M.
"The World in Deadlock," Syud Hossain, Lecturer in History, University of Southern California, and former editor of the "New Orient," published in New York, which Prof. William R. Shepard, head of the Department of History, Columbia University, described as "One of the most distinguished reviews in the English language."

Dues are now due and payable.
Mrs. E. C. Bellows announces the class on the Federal Constitution will not reconvene until Monday morning, January 14, 1935, at the ame time and place.
Dr. Etta Gray announces that on Wednesday, January 16, 1935, there will be a trip to the City and County Health Departments and Coroner's Office, leaving from Barker Bros. Auto Park, promptly 9:00 A.M. Make reservations through Mrs. Gwendolyn Rishling Morse, REpublic 3739, or Club Office, TUcker 3549.

E. H. Dyas Co. has an interesting aeronautical window display in connection with the national air races at Cleveland, in which a Swallow monoplane, powered with a Kinner motor and emblazoned with the name and standard of the Dyas store, will be piloted by Mary Charles of Los Angeles.
The display includes one of the new three-blade propellers, a new type landing wheel and parts of a Kinner motor.
Miss Charles will start in the air derby at Municipal airport Sunday, which is a flight from Los Angeles to Cleveland, and throughout the races will advertise Los Angeles and the Dyas store with her plane.
She learned to fly at Cloverfield, Santa Monica, and the plane she will use in the air derby was assembled locally.
The Dyas window display attracted much attention from shoppers today and the store officials announced they would receive daily news of the races for the information of the public.

Photo shows Mary Charles, licensed woman pilot, who will fly the Dyas christened plane in the Los Angeles to Cleveland stop race starting Aug. 21.
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