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the 'flying boat,' crude at the time, but developed into a wonderful fighting machine for the Navy." 


A FEW YEARS ago, the Glen H. Curtiss chapter of the Junior N.Y. State Historical Association at Hammondsport Central School compiled the story of Curtiss.
Among the persons they wrote to for information was Mrs. Scott, and she told them about flying in those days:
"Instruction then was very crude. The planes could carry only one person and the best Mr. Curtiss or anyone else could do in the way of instruction was to point out the controls and tell the student how to use them.
"This was done by way of what they called at that time 'grass cutting.' They put a governor on the plane motor so that the plane could not go fast enough to lift off the ground. Then [[?]] student taxied down the field with hands and feet on the controls.
"The plane was then turned around by mechanics and taxied back. Generally, this was kept up about a week or 10 days before the student was allowed to try the air. 
"On my third day, taxiing down the field, a gust of air coming down between the hills caught the wings and lifted me up in the air about 10 feet. It seemed like 100 to me.
"Fortunately, I landed all right, and being very  young and brash, I immediately demanded that the governor be taken off. Mr. Curtiss con-

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little lady does not need an airplane. she flies by herself."

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against this happening, and Rosenberg was well aware that it could happen - because that's what the law provides."

Mattress Burns
A burning mattress was heaved from a second floor window of the Chesterfield Apartment Hotel, 393 Court St., about 4:10 a.m. today. Acting Battalion Chief Angelo Iati said the mattress caught fire in the room of John Sullivan, 54, who tossed it outside. Iati said a cigarette spark probably started the fire. 

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