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Bang Kok

Nov. 29                                      
[[strikethrough]]March 12[[/strikethrough]]

Inside the gates, trees & boothes were lighted in ways that reminded me of the World's Fair. This must have cost them a fortune. People here (vendors in streets)- which are not lighted, use the tiniest bulb to advertize their wares & do the most intricate work by the feeblest of light. Still I do not see eye glasses anywhere. 

Modern bands of music playing tango, singing songs in native language - jive style. Amazing in contrast to the impoverished life of the peasant.

Foods, pictures, rugs (being woven, silverware. crowds so dense it was almost impossible to move. What color!

Dinner at Oasis with Siamese Dancers. Lovely - but monotonous & repetitious. We in New York get the best of everything. Evidently when programs are arranged for us

Bang Kok 83  Nov. 29
[[strikethrough]] March 13 [[/strikethrough]]

the most important dances are selected (such as the Bird Dance performed on Television at home) and cut down in time to give us the essence.

Came back at 11. tired. My room at the Trocadero (which is one of the two good hotels (more modern than the Oriental which is beautifuly situated on the river, with gardens, outdoor dining patio, statuary etc) is large & primitively furnished. air conditioned - no bath tub. Instead a large pot in which to stand & take a shower. The most primitive arrangement I have yet seen. No hot water.

Beds with only a sheet. Mattresses like hard mats - pillows of straw probly. Slept without one - no telephone in room. All this for 6 American dollars a day!

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