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Dr. Jacobson 
Bang Kok

Nov. 30    
[[strikethrough]] March 18 [[/strikethrough]]

Dinner with Dr. & Mrs. Hans Jacobson, friends of the Hacohens & Linton. He is Israel's Consul General here, as well as head of the Eye, Nose & Throat hospital - His home is the upper story, the lower one - the hospital itself. It is a large wooden building surrounded by a lovely garden & many of the trees planted by the Jacobsons who have lived in Bangkok for nineteen years.

Their apartment consists of a kitchen, a bedroom - and two immense rooms, formerly Ballrooms or state rooms, all surrounded by a tremendous terrace. The ceilings must be 25 to 30 ft in height -

In this unusual, spacious interior, museum like in character, these two, museum pieces themselves, have collected a fabulous [[strikethrough]] number [[/strikethrough]] collection of Chinese 


Bang Kok    
Nov 30 [[strikethrough]] March 19 [[/strikethrough]]

art of all periods, Wonderful stone heads of Buddha. Seated & Standing - carved panels, painted wood, ivory on wood, vases, Altar pieces, rugs, prints, drawings lanterns - etc.

Jacobson is 48 years of age. His wife - very Germanic, white haired, fat and very nervous. Mrs. Hacohen rightly described them as museum pieces themselves.

He is a neurotic type himself - large, melancholy dark eyes, dark brown [[strikethrough]] haired [[/strikethrough]] hair, semitic features, melodious voice. Bitter & ironic. Both fearsome of the changes the Americans have brought with land reform, etc, & worried about new restrictions in food - (she in particular has an obsession about it) no more cheese - no herring, no butter - no flower - Ah! how is one to live! Possibility of war is a frightening reality to the world & life they have created for themselves.

It was another experience for me
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