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Friday. Jan. 14 -  
[[/strikethrough]] July 8 [[/strikethrough]]

good big nose, good head in general. Looks like a poet. Very reserved - barely moving his lips when he speaks - although he has a fine, resonant voice - Soft, reticent handshake for such a big man. 

8.30 Macarther Carmen came to fetch me to their home for dinner party. Small group Commander Mangermi Menghari - Italy, Nicoletti, Mr. Mrs. Reder, an Italian Industrialist with his lively 17 yr old daughter - not pretty, boyish but charming, an Amer. engineer. Dull, small talk-mostly in Italian - Did not have the heart to leave early - as I wished -  since Tamara is leaving Tuesday for several weeks & she had gone to such trouble for an elaborate dinner. Minestrone, she says, takes 5 hrs. to prepare.

Sent two letters home - One yesterday - another today. 14th & 15th.


Saturday. January 15.
[[/strikethrough]] July 15 [[/strikethrough]]

A.M- Drawing on Dorothy's portrait -
"after lunch - spent an hour in the garden sunning my cold.

4.30 - Hacohens for tea. Met Mrs. Weil & their charming children, just arrived yesterday from their kibutz in Israel. The children, used to community life, were wide eyed at the strangeness of their surroundings. They had never been in a private home before - thought it was an institution. Met Mr. & Mrs. R both Indian & both striking in appearance, age 35 She has a typical, beautifully shaped head - strong features, eyes, enormous, strong nose, lips, teeth. Unusual combination of physical, sensual type of beauty & keen intelligence. Speaks 8 languages, dresses artistically in native costume - was wearing a sari of striped bright red & silver gauze over red crepe & chiffon, beaded red slippers & purse, silver jewelry - all very handsome in effect. Has been married three times, with a child by each
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