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Sat. Jan. 29       
Whitehead on art.
[[strikethrough]] September 2 [[/strikethrough]]

foreground the superficialities of sense-experience. Art performing this great service belongs to the essence of civilization. 

- Art has essentially to do with perfections attainable by purposeful adaptation of appearance.

Sunday. Jan. 30
Letter home.

Rested in bed half the day. In Aft. after lunch drove with Louis, Dorothy & the children to the Peace Pagoda. Four doors - each with large golden figure of the seated Buddha, facing North, South, East & West. - Little Louisa was understandably frightened at sight of the Buddhas. 

Drove afterwards to Kamboza Palace (now a hotel - beautiful grounds, gardens & flowers on high site.


John & Ramona Morse
Sunday. Jan. 30
[[strikethrough]] September 3 [[/strikethrough]]

The building is fantastically ornate, & rambling, stucco - marble pillars of all colors, wonderful inlaid floors ceramic tiles on balconies, a mumble jumble of styles of architecture, French, English, Japanese Withall, quite impressive.

We sat on a terrace & had tea - facing the reservoir. The views should have been painted by Bonnard.

In evening, discussion on Art & Religion at John & Ramona Morse. Louis & Mr. Shoemacher - a technician with the United Nations led the discussion. (I, to my surprise - made two comments, as well) Shoemacher was a surprise - sympathetic & sensitive as well as typically dogmatic like all Germans. Met there Dr. John Everton, Burma Representative of the Ford Foundation. He was interested in what I had to say about Burmese Art & artists.
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