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Roger Pierard.
Agence France Presse
Friday, Feb. 4   
[[strikethrough]] September 12 [[/strikethrough]]

at 389 Sparks Street, Telephone Sontes 885 - and Mr. Ferras, of Washington. - banking economist.

I found Pierard a most colorful personality, quite different from anyone I've ever met. Tall, slender, well built - A not too good looking head, thick brown wavy hair, naked brown eyes, thin pointed nose, thin lips - Wonderful humorist, quick, charming, wit. Such revelatory, speaking of his life. His career has been that of a soldier of fortune - fighting in various armies wherever the cause was to his heart. Until 1950 - with the Shanghai Army, (as an American with a false passport) & imprisoned for 3 yrs. Lima for 15 years in China, would like to write a book about it & feels he doesn't yet know enough about it. Married to a French lawyer, has two children - very young - all in Paris.


Friday, Feb. 4
[[strikethrough]] September 13 [[/strikethrough]]

"I am not happy in my work. Only when fighting - whether men - in a cause (no guns, only the bare fist) or the sea in a storm, or climbing mountains in a snow blizzard - in short - warring with the elements is to him the essence of living. The pure, incurable romanticist (must now be 45 yrs of age) He and Baird - the American romantic - also in search of adventure - make quite a pair.

Arranged to go on a boat excursion with them both on Sunday.

Saturday, Feb. 5.

Worked all day on portrait of U Nu. Coming along well.

Dinner at home with Dr. & Mrs. Tun Thin. Liked them both very much. Sympathetic, young & charming. She 22, named Molly & mother of a one yr. old boy, - he, 32 - quite brilliant in his work.
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