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Istanbul to Athens.
Sat. April 10   

photos of his boats, business letters confirming his business deals, etc.

Then, turning towards me - he said "Do you know that I am a God fearing & God loving man? I trust my feeling in Him & in my heart. When I consumate a deal- my heart must tell me it is the right moment. If I do not feel it - I leave the matter rest till the next day." Why do you look at me like that? I think I love you. This quite suddenly - while I had been sitting quietly listening to his story with interest.

Do you know Moslems can have four wives? Come to Lebanon as my guest. If not as my wife - or friend or sister. I love your company. You are the only woman I can talk with. I want your companionship. Could I meet you in Greece or in Rome? I answered no- Well, then, I will call on you in New York. No telephone - I don't believe in it. One day, I will 


Istanbul to Athens   
Sat April 10.

knock on your door & say, the Son of the Nile has arrived." Why did I meet you. Why did I know you? I am a good man, I have a good heart. I believe in my God. Now everything has changed for me, since I know you.

I need someone like you to talk to. Not all the women I have known, not young girls who have to be taught everything. Anna, please write to me. Let me know how you are, what you are doing. If ever you want to come to Lebanon for a trip to paint, I will send you the passage. Always keep in touch with me as though I were  your brother. If you need anything, money, whatever it is, always remember I will help you. Keep well, be good, goodbye. You will find a letter from me when you get home.

Please address me as My dear Salah, when you write me.
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