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Board of Trustees
Chairman of the Board
Eugene W. Kettering
Charles F. Kettering Foundation
President-James W. Jacobs
Frigidaire Div., General Motors Corp.
1st Vice Pres.-Gerald E. Weller
The Standard Register Company
2nd Vice Pres.-Larry E. O'Neil
L.E. O'Neil and Associates
3rd Vice Pres.-John A. Lombard
J. A. Lombard Company
Secretary-Gregory C. Karas
Karas and Eilerman, Attorneys
Treasurer-Robert Barth
The National Bank of Dayton
C.M. "Pat" Barnes
Dayton Tire & Rubber Company
Donald H. Battin
International Telephone and Telegraph Corp.
Don L. Crawford
Commissioner, City of Dayton
John P. Fraim, Jr.
L.M. Berry & Company
Gerald H. Leland
Ledex, Inc.
John H. Murphy
Dynamic Displays, Inc.
Louis F. Polk
Bendix Corporation
Robert J. Simons
Simons Cadillac, Inc.
John P. Turner, Jr.
General Electric Company
Charles W. Whalen, Jr.
Senator, State of Ohio
Louis Wozar
Tait Manufacturing Company
 Board of Nominations
Major General Robert G. Ruegg
Aeronautical Systems Division, USAF
Stanley C. Allyn
National Cash Register Company
J.L. Atwood
North American Aviation, Inc.
Milton A. Caniff
Creator of Steve Canyon
Frederick C. Crawford
Thompson-Ramo-Wooldridge, Inc.
Donald W. Douglas, Sr.
Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc.
Dr. Charles S. Draper
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Courtlandt S. Gross [[margin note]]"check" mark[[/margin note]]
Lockheed Aircraft Corporation
W. Randolph Lovelace, II, M.D.
Air Force Association
James S. McDonnell, Jr.
McDonnell Aircraft Corporation
Fred F. Marshall
Cedarville, Ohio
Robert W. Martin, Jr.
McGraw-Hill Publishing Co., Inc.
John B. Montgomery
Daystrom, Inc.
Mundy I. Peale
Republic Aviation Corporation
General Edwin W. Rawlings
USAF Retired, General Mills, Inc.
Major General Alden K. Sibley
United States Army
Mobility Command
Igor I. Sikorsky
Sikorsky Aircraft Div.
United Aircraft Corp.
James H. Straubel
Air Force Association
Bernard L. Whelan
Fairfield, Connecticut
General Thomas D. White
USAF Retired, Washington D.C.
Gill Robb Wilson
Ziff-Davis Publishing Company

Secretary to Executive Committee & Board of Nominations

Norvell Clarkson
Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce


September 14, 1965

Mr. Glen. A. Knabenshue
5542 Shoup Ave.,
Woodland Hills, California    91364

Dear Mr. Knabenshue:

It was good to talk to you on the telephone the other night and to know you are planning to come to Dayton for the ceremonies enshrining you father in the Aviation Hall of Fame.

Enclosed is your ticket for your transportation to and from Dayton. We trust these accommodations are satisfactory. A room will be reserved for your use at the Sheraton-Dayton Hotel upon arrival. The airport bus will drop you off at the Hotel.

Please come prepared for reasonably cold and rainy weather (10[[degree symbol]] Fahrenheit)

We are still trying to arrange for your transportation with Jimmy Stewart and General LeMay. If we are successful, we will advise you and in that case you should return the ticket to us for cancellation.

I trust the attached information sheet covers most of the information you will need. 

With kindest regards,

[[signature]]James W. Jacobs[[/signature]]
James W. Jacobs

Encl. (TWA Ticket No. 015-462-603-351)

Board of Nominations (Continued)
Major General Orvil A. Anderson
USAF Retired.
Air Force Historical Foundation
James W. Austin
Northeast Airlines, Inc.
Charles E. Beard
Braniff Airways, Inc.
Mrs. Olive Ann Beech
Beech Aircraft Corporation
William B. Bergen
Martin Company Div.,
Martin Marietta Corp.
Nick Bez
West Coast Airlines, Inc.
Hal N. Carr
North Central Airlines, Inc.
Thomas H. Davis
Piedmont Airlines
Malcolm P. Ferguson
The Bendix Corporation
Thomas V. Jones
Northrop Corporation
Keith H. Kahle
Central Airlines, Inc.
General Curtis E. LeMay
Chief of Staff,
United States Air Force
John H. Magoon, Jr.
Hawaiian Airlines, Inc.
Roy E. Marquardt
The Marquardt Corporation
J. Gilbert Nettleton, Jr.
International Telephone & Telegraph Corp.
W.A. Patterson
United Air Lines, Inc.
Robert W. Prescott
The Flying Tiger Line, Inc.
Fred H. Rohr
Rohr Corporation
T. Claude Ryan
Ryan Aeronautical Company
Robert F. Six
Continental Air Lines, Inc.
Dwane L. Wallace
Cessna Aircraft Company

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