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1.  Pumps and Pumping Stations
a.  Make, type, location, capacity, and kind of power used.
2.  Length, size, kind and capacity of sewer pipe lines
3.  Manholes, type and size
4.  Flushing devices
5.  Other

C.  Sewage Treatment
1.  Type of Tank
a.  Imhoff
b.  Septic
c.  Sedimentation
d.  Other
2.  Disinfection method used
a.  Chemical, activated sludge, other

D.  Sewage Disposal
1.  Effluent
a.  Pumps, type, make, capacity, and kind of power used
b.  Method of disposal
(1) Spray field, leaching trench, stream, filtration galleries, other
c.  Disinfection method used
2.  Sludge
a.  Method and intervals of removal
b.  Method of disposal


A.  Garbage Disposal System
1.  Collection, truck, other
2.  Method of disposal, incinerators, other
3.  Distribution of facilities
a.  Number, location, capacity and load

B.  Gas Installations
1.  Illumination
2.  Heat
a.  Natural
b.  Artificial

C.  Water Control System
1.  Drainage
a.  Storm Water
b.  Ground Water
c.  Other
2.  Dams
a.  Impounding
b.  Check
c.  Other

NOTE:  Date of Installation, when available, to be shown for all utilities.

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