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[[6 Columned Table]]
|No.|Price|TITLE|Scale|Size of border(inches)|Date|
|---|---|YAKUTAT BAY TO BEHRING STRAIT|---|---|---|
|8455|$0.50|Yakutat Bay|1:80,000|28x32|1910|
|8457|.50|Icy Bay, South Coast|1:40,000|29x31|1923|
|8513|.50|Controller Bay|1:100,000|29x32|1913|
|8515|.75|Prince William Sound, western entrance|1:80,000|33x42|1930|
|8517|.75|Prince William Sound, western part|1:80,000|31x45|1921|
|8519|.75|Prince William Sound; Port Fidalgo and Valdez Arm|1:80,000|32x39|1933|
|8520|.75|Prince William Sound, eastern entrance|1:80,000|32x43|1930|
|8523|.75|Latouche, Elrington and Prince of Wales Passages|1:40,000|33x39|1929|
|8524|.75|Drier Bay, Prince William Sound|1:20,000|32x35|1931|
|8525|.25|Orca Bay and Inlet, Channel Islands to Cordova|1:30,000|15x15|1931|
|8528|.75|Point Elrington to Cape Resurrection|1:80,000|32x33|1930|
|8529|.75|Cape Resurrection to two Arm Bay|1:80,000|28x37|1932|
|8530|.75|Seal Rocks to Gore Point|1:80,000|30x41|1932|
|8531|.75|Gore Point to Anchor Point|1:80,000|32x43|1933|
|8537|.75|Stikinak Strait and Alitak Bay; Kodiak Island|1:80,000|34x40|1933|
|8540|.50|Cape Alitak to Ikalik; Kodiak Island|1:80,000|25x33|1932|
|8541|.75|Cape Ikolik to Cape Kuliuk, Kodiak Island|1:80,000|32x35|1931|
|8542|.75|Uganik and Uyak Bays|1:80,000|31x43|1931|
|8551|.75|Prince William Sound|*1:198,500|34x43|1930|
|8552|.75|Point Elrington to East Chugach Island|*1:202,800|29x37|1933|
|8553|.75|Cook Inlet, northern part|*1:195,000|33x43|1915|
|8554|.75|Cook Inlet, southern part|*1:203,000|32x40|1933|
|8555|.75|Shelikof Strait and Afognak Island|*1:210,000|31x42|1930|
|8557|.75|Knik Arm, Fire Island to Goose Creek|1:40,000|32x33|1921|
|8570|.75|Kodiak to Kupreanol Strait (including Kodiak Harbor, scale 1:10,000)|1:80,000|32x43|1910|
|8573|.75|Shuyak Strait and Bfuefox Bay|1:20,000|27x42|1928|
|8574|.50|Sitkalidak Strait, Cape Barnabas to Old Harbor|1:40,000|24x38|1933|
|8575|.75|Part of Alitak Bay; Cape Alitak to Moser Bay|1:20,000|34x43|1932|
|8588|.50|Port Chatham|1:10,000|28x33|1920|
|8589|.50|Port Graham and Seldovia Bay|1:20,000|25x37|1916|
|8665|.50|Iliamna Bay, Cook Inlet|1:20,000|31x32|1917|
|8666|.75|Portage and Wide Bays|1:50,000|30x41|1927|
|8700|.75|Shumagin Islands; Nagai Island to Unga Island|1:100,000|31x39|1917|
|---|---|Popof Strait|1:30,000|---|---|
|---|---|Delarof Harbor|1:20,000|---|---|
|8701|.75|Morzhovoi Bay and Isanotski Strait|1:80,000|33x36|1929|
|8703|.50|Dolgoi Island to Deer Island|1:80,000|28x35|1927|
|8704|.75|Pavlof Bay and approaches|1:80,000|28x40|1926|
|8710|.75|Chignik and Kujulik Bays (including Chignik Bay Anchorage and Mud Bays, scale 1:40,000)|*1:80,000|33x43|1927|
8822|.50|Bays and anchorages in Alaska, south coast|---|22x38|1930|
|---|---|Uyak Anchorage|1:20,000|---|---|
|---|---|Larsen Bay|1:20,000|---|---|
|---|---|Karluk Anchorage|1:20,000|---|---|
|---|---|Shearwater Bay|1:15,000|---|---|
|8833|.25|Port Moller and Herendeen Bay|1:80,000|23x28|1917|
|8841|.25|Harbors and anchorages, Sanak Island|---|20x21|1927|
|---|---|Northeast Harbor, Sanak Island|1:10,000|---|---|
|---|---|Peterson Bay, Sanak Island|1:20,000|---|---|
|---|---|Sanak Harbor, Sanak Island|1:10,000|---|---|
|8860|.75|Unimak and Akutan Passes and approaches|*1:300,000|32x42|1928|
|8881|.25|Islands and harbors off Alaska Peninsula|---|19x21|1919|
|---|---|Semidi Islands and Chirikof Island|*1:400,000|---|---|
|---|---|Chiachi Islands|1:17,000|---|---|
|---|---|Northeast Harbor, Little Koniuji Island|*1:122,000|---|---|
|---|---|Northwest and Yukon Harbors, Koniuji Islands|1:64,000|---|---|
|---|---|Simeonof Harbor, Simeonof Island|1:90,000|---|---|
|8995|.75|Pribilof Islands, Bering Sea|*1:200,000|30x36|1910|
|8996|.75|St. Paul and St. George Islands, Pribilof Islands, Bering Sea (2 plans)|1:75,000|30x39|1910|
|9007|.25|Unalaska Bay, Iliuliuk Bay, and Dutch Harbor|1:40,000|21x25|1931|
|9008|.50|Dutch Harbor|1:10,000|28x33|1915|
|9050|.50|Nushagak Bay and approaches|*1:150,000|23x37|1911|
|9103|.50|Kuskokwim Bay (including Goodnews Bay, scale 1:80,000)|*1:200,000|24x37|1916|
|9104|.50|Kuskokwim River--Eeek Island to Bethel|1:100,000|19x37|1918|
|9370|.75|Cape Romanzof to St. Michael|1:300,000|34x36|1901|
|9372|.75|Yukon River, Apoon Mouth to Head Passes (including Apoon Mouth, scale 1:20,000)|1:80,000|32x38|1914|
|9373|.75|Yukon River, Kwikluak Mouth, west coast|1:80,000|29x39|1901|
|9375|.75|St. Michael Bay, Norton Sound|1:20,000|31x38|1901|
|9380|.75|Norton Sound|1:400,000|33x41|1914
|9381|.25|Port Safety, Norton Sound|1:15,000|19x21|1905|
|9382|.75|Golofnin Bay, Norton Sound|1:40,000|32x39|1903|
|9385|.25|Port Clarence and Grantley Harbor|1:80,000|19x27|1912|
[[end of table]]
*Scale approximate.
NOTE.-For additional harbor charts of western Alaska, see page 27.

Transcription Notes:
I left typos as-is. For example, line 8575 says 'Part of Alitak Bay', where I'm pretty sure it should be "Port"; however, I did not correct these errors.

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