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[[1st column]]

Ms. Fran Goldberg  
1117-35 Cedarcroft Blvd.
Willowdale, Ontario
M2R 2Z4

Peter K. Gunderson
Geography and Environmental Sci.
4200 Farm Hill Blvd.
Canada College
Redwood City, Calif. 95061

Sandra Margaret Hawkins
585 O'Connor Street No. 13
Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5R2

Dolores Hayden
8318 Ridpath Dr. 
Los Angeles Calif. 90046

Marjorie Hoog
Urban Deadline Architects
2248 Broadway
New York, N.Y. 10024

Anne Ironside
6296 Churchill
Vancouver, B.C. V6P 5B3

Risa Palm
Department of Geography
University of California
Berkely, California

Barbara H. Rosenthal
American Society of Planning Officials
1313 E. 60th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60637

Myra Schiff
Dept. of Urban and Regional Planning
University of Toronto
230 College Street
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A1

Marilyn Silberfein
Dept. of Geography
Temple University
Philadelphia, Pa. 19122

Lois Steinberg
424 Melrose Street
Chicago, Illinois 60657

Jane Poroy Takahashi
1600 Pacific Highway
San Diego, Calif. 92101

Ann Tyler Fathy
828 Silvergate Ave.
San Diego, Calif. 92101

Jane K. Webb
Assistant Professor
Urban Studies
Wheaton College
Norton, Mass. 02766
[[\1st column]]

[[2nd column]]
Interests: Crime Prevention and Environmental Design; victimization of women and families. Wants newsletter to share information job opportunities.

Interests: Especially interested in women in time-space constraints framework.  Particularly interested in suburban women and the built environment. 

User participation and control in the process of Housing. Women in social transition and housing as facilitator of that process.

Interests: Women and housing, especially forms of collective housing in urban and suburban areas which are designed with the need of the working women in mind.

Interests: Current women's architecture the "Kitchen-garden" movement of the 1890's in the New York and Boston areas and particularly its relationship to the feminist cause.

Centre for continuing Education
The University of British Columbia
Vancouver, B.C. V6R 1W5

Interests: Media and Public Education on Environmental Issues.

Interests: Planned environments, housing and other aspects of the physical environment. Also interested in socialization of women, sex roles, societal patterns, and the process of change. Would be very interested in seeing any literature or bibliographic you may have, and a description of what the network is doing and had done.

Interests: Neighborhood Planning for women, especially as to facilitate their return to work.

Interests: Constraints on female mobility in traditional rural societies

Interests: Women's role in decision making re local community services (urban, suburban) particularly education. Also interested in medical and other community based services.

Interests: Planning for economically and socially balanced communities. Citizen participation in planning process.

Office: County of San Diego
Integrated Planning Office
County Administrative Center
1600 Pacific Highway
Sand Diego [[San Diego]], Calif. 92101
Interests: Increasing the impact of women: identifying and planning for women's needs.
Interests: Research on women in urban historical research or the absence of, women involved in neighborhood protests; the impact of Environmental or community decisions on the neighbourhood networks either by external or internal forces, particularly on these corporate, political decisions have a negative affect on the social and physical environment.
[[\2nd column]]

[[3rd column]]
Professor Janet Abu-Lughod
Department of Sociology
Northwestern University
Evaston, Ill. 60201

Louise Atkins
27 Young Street, West
Waterloo, Ontario

Professor Mark Baldassare
Dept. of Sociology
University of California
Los Angeles 90024

Mildred Berman
Dept. of Geography
Salem State College
Salem, Mass. 01970

Dr. Jessie Bernard
Apt. 110
4200 Cathedral Avenue, N.W. 
Washinton, D.C. 20016

Judith Bernstein
Apt. 7, 459 Landfair Ave.
Los Angeles, Calif. 90024

Grace Black Adar
Women's Advisor
Personnel Service Branch
Ministry of The Environment
135 St. Clair Ave.
Toronto, M4V 1P5

Susan Blumenthal
Graduate Student
City Planning
Cornell University
Box 485
Etna, New York 13062

Professor Elise Boulding
890 Willowbrook Road
Boulder, Colorado 80309

Norman Bryant
215 Gladstone Ave.
Apt. No. 4
Ottawa, Ontario

Pat Burnett
the University of Oklahoma
455 West Lindsey, Room 8004
Norman, Olkahoma [[Oklahoma]]

Carol A. Carlson
3203 Sepulveda Blve.
Apartment 3
Los Angeles, Calif. 90034

Ms. Barbara Carroll
CMHC Ontario Regional Office
145 King St., West
Suite 1108
Toronto, Ontario

Kwok B. Chan
Dept. of Sociology
5th Floor Ross Bldg.
York University
Downsview, Ontario

Sharon Davidoff
C%O K.C.M.
1917 1st Avenue
Seattle, Washington 98101

Nellien C. de Ruiter, c.i.
Chopinlaan 71
Voorschoten, Netherlands
[[\3rd column]]

[[4th column]]
Professor John Edwards
Dept. of Sociology
Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Blacksburg, Va. 24061

Jolinda Fernhout
Freeman Hall
Wellesley College
Wellesley, Mass. 02181

Kris Furloguht
Human Rights Programme
Secretary of State Dept.
66 Slater Street
Ottawa, Ontario

Ms. Eva Gamarnikow
215 Stapleton Hall Road
London N4, England

Dr. Rosalie G. Genovese
17 Selborne Chase
Fairport, N.Y. 14450

Joan Goldstein
E-14 Lakeview Terrace
Princeton, N.J. 08540

Gilda Stern Good
Planning Research and Services
National Capital Commission
48 Rideau
Ottawa-Hull, Canada

Marie Hartman
Dept. of Geography
Portland State University
P.O. Box 751
Portland, Oregon 97207

Blanche Hersh, Coordinator
Women's Studies Program
Northeastern Illninois University
550 N. St. Louis Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60625

Charmaine Hitchcox
50 21st Ave.
San Fransisco, Calif. 94121

Professor Carolyn Hock
Department of Geography
Johns Hopkins Univeristy
Baltimore, Maryland

Rosaria Hodgdan
Dept. of Architecture
Eugene, Oregon 97403

Ron Kellestine
1500-55 Caldwell Ave.
Ottawa, Ontario

Joan M. McHardy
33 Isabella, Apt. 2808
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 2P7

Bonnie McKenzie
53 Chelsea Ave.
Toronto, Ontario M6P 1B9

Mary F. Meloshe
10 Driveway No. 1605
Ottawa, Ontario

Grace Rodwell Muncaster
84 Forest Hill Road
Toronto, Ontario M4V 2L5

Barbara Petrocci
308 Founders College
York University
[[\4th column]]

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