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As Columbia's women we've stretched out kindly hands
To our sisters from over the main;
We have welcomed them all, from court or from cot,
Or from ancient Palace of Spain

And we've room for still more on our prairies so broad,
Come from South land, and North Sea so cold!
From mountain and plain and island, to greet
Miss Columbia! four hundred years old.

Many names are enrolled this Columbian time
In our national record book
But three stand forth with electric light, --
Mesdames Palmer, Henrotin and Cooke.

They stood at the helm, amid all the storms,
'Till "our ship" at its anchorage lay --
Let Columbia's women give them homage due
In this "Woman's Building" today.
Miss Amanda Kerr Lewis **

In the belief that forces set in motion can never be recalled, shackles unbound can never be replaced and that what may apply to one aggregate of women may apply to all-allowance made for laws, customs and beliefs, inherited or acquired, which may hasten or retard--we, the women of the United States, with the grip of the universe on heart and hand, pause in this hour of triumph and culmination in proper and befitting display. Never in the history of nations has there been such revelation of woman's capability and deeds as in this gala year. But commencement is almost over. Work has passed examination. Carefully prepared speeches have been delivered. The world has seen, heard, and applauded. With the end comes a beginning.
Miss Cara Reese **

(everywhere everyone is rushing.

lots of old friends at The Building.

wednesday go downtown to buy rag paper.
rag paper drawings take lots and lots of time.

stop at The Building first

hug susan
hug michele
hug meg
hug wendy

sometimes my friends are impatient with me
because I seem to have my own system of Time.

run into maria at the bookstore. maria is saying
"limit what you write on your experience at
The Building to 40-50 words."
jeesus maria I say.
o.k. maria I say.

wendy calls across the courtyard:"there isn't enough time for everything.")

being here has shown me how to personalize
Time No Matter What.

Linda Yaven

Difficult to stay, impossible to leave. The struggle is sometimes all I know. Good enough is never good enough. We're all trying to climb that ladder in the sky. Sometimes I remember how far I've come. And I remember that we're all special because we're all women. I feel validated for feeling and trying and being a loving person. It's a long time and a long way to go.
Mary Cassatt's friend Eliza Halderman wrote to her father in 1868: "Work is the only thing that is effective in this world. And my little success has made me very anxious..."
Michele Kort

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[[caption]]Helen Alm receiving the printing press which she and Sheila de Bretteville secured for the Woman's Graphics Center.[[/caption]]
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