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I am in Los Angeles - it (HELP!) being the place that I need to be. My East Coast snobbism is now only a little fleck in the horizon (smog perhaps.) I am in a collective with Ruth, Margi, Maria K. & Meg. After much looking, debating, and of course scenes - we have found a big old (decrepit) house on Carondelet. We decided to stay in Central L.A. because it is near the women's building and also very accessible by public transportation. We each chip in $40. a month for odds, ends, and rent. We each have our own bedroom/now studio to work in and use the living room, kitchen and den for public space. We meet once a month formally to discuss house problems (repairs etc.) and give each other crits. We also hold an open house/pot luck/reading/crit ... session for old F.S.W. members as well as new members and interested people. Things are working out quite well, with different groups usually meeting each night in the public rooms. We are all in different C.R. groups.

Right now I am taking courses at UCLA. I am also working with a group of Asian Women there to put out an Asian Women's Journal. It is the result of our teaching and writing from a class we led spring quarter and will be used as a resource book for other such classes around the country in the future. I'm really quite excited about. I'm writing a piece on my work as well as designing the format. UCLA (thank heavens) is potentially funding us.

I've also been working on package presentation of a non-sexist children's program involving puppets and other visual aids. I've had responses from several schools and will start my presentations in March. I've also gotten material from other women writers and artists which I am trying to compile into a small children's anthology. We don't have a publisher as yet, but if need be, we'll try to crank it out ourselves using mimeo, P.I.P. whatever and I will bring them around with me to the schools when I go.

Now that it's getting warm (of course, it always is pretty warm) we are going to hold our art happenings (please disassociate all previous meanings) in the parks. We have silk screened and PIP printed work which we will read and tack up and hand out for a dime/nickel/or nothing in the parks, supermarkets, in front of museums etc. women's art - to the people. With palms swaying slowly in the sunset -

I say good by - love

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Margi in third sentence. Women's building, not woman's. Designing the format.

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