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South Puerto Rico Sugar Company, owners of the Guanica Central. He is also a resident member of the American Society of Arbitrators, and has been appointed organizer and director of the International Gold Tournament to be held in Dorado in June. He is married to Mrs. Sila Serra Calderon, and they have three children, Sila Maria, 18; Cesar, Jr., 16; and Maria Teresa 11."

Congratulations Cesar! Your letter on the Mexico and California trip never reached your scribe, so thanks for sending another copy. ... A little late, but here is Cesar's most interesting letter: "In the summer of 1959 we took a delightful trip through Mexico. It was a complete revelation, since we found right in our midst a most modern city, as large as Chicago (four and one-half million people), conceived and designed by European standards during the time of the Emperor Maximillian and his Empress Charlotte. Thus, the city looks very much like Paris in that it has the most wonderful boulevards, traffic circles and hundreds of fountains and monuments. I do not know of any place where there is such a tremendous contrast between the very old, represented by the old Spanish churches and buildings, and the very modern, represented by the latest and very spectacular modern architecture employed in the newer buildings. The Mexicans seem to have gotten over the hump in that no longer do they feel a sense of inferiority towards Americans and foreigners, and therefore the days of 'yankee gringo' etc., are a thing of the past. The Mexicans are an intensely proud people with a tremendous sense of dignity that enables them to entertain and serve the tourist well without extending the left hand for a tip and, figuratively speaking, keeping a knife in the right, ready to stab him in the back. The government and the political climate seems to have reached a very stable condition and it is a most inspiring sight to watch the many new industrial and commercial activities that are set up as joint ventures between Mexican and American capital and know how.

"From Mexico we went to Los Angeles and through previous correspondence, I had contacted Brent Lowe, with whom we spent the better part of a day in La Jolla. Brent had always intrigued me since our college days because of his dashing ways and fabulous speech. I will never forget the day he came back to the dorm and mentioned that he had been out with a 'ferocious looking blonde.' Subsequently, and through the Class Notes, I knew that he was established in La Jolla and that he had two Pontiacs in two different pastel shades, to match two of his wife's sweaters. I found Brent to be his old self and instead of two Pontiacs, he now drives a delicious looking white Cadillac with pale blue hardtop. The lady and the sweaters are no more. He told me that he is now practically retired and deals in 'special situations.' I am sure that for such a handsome bachelor with such a stunning car and corresponding bank roll, he must have many an occasion to deal with all sorts of 'special situations.' Brent was kind enough to drive us around for quite a long while showing us all the points of interest and finally he took us to the excellent La Jolla Tennis and Swimming Club. From Los Angeles we went to Pebble Beach, where I spent five days golfing with my boy. Just imagine: this was during the last week of July, and to be able to play at all we each had to wear two long-sleeved sweaters. Back in our cottage at Del Monte Lodge, the rest of the family had to keep the fireplace going full blast. The town of Carmel near-by is a dream, since it was founded by a colony of artists and the most beautiful and quaint little stores are found there, where you can buy most of the stuff that it takes you weeks to locate in Europe.

"While at the airport waiting for the jet to bring us back to New York, who should wander by but good old Laddie Reday, who was not only in our class, but was in the same course with me and was an excellent personal friend. As you will recall, during the war Laddie spent most of the time as Captain of a Navy transport ship plying the dangerous South Seas. It was at this time that his best literacy effort, 'Making Booze in the South Pacific,' appeared in Esquire magazine. Several medals later the war ended for Laddie, and by that time he was happily married and had a family, and inasmuch as all the G.I.'s were returning to the States, Laddie chose the opposite direction and settled in Japan where he quickly established himself in a beautiful Japanese villa, and a short while later found himself vice-president of a Japanese shipping company. The next invitation to fame came in the form of a small part played by him and his wife in the motion picture 'Teahouse of the August Moon,' which was filmed in Japan. Unfortunately, someone in the cutting room, who apparently was not at all interested in promoting Laddie's career as an actor, proceded to eliminate Laddie's participation, and the United States theater-goers never knew what they missed. Recently, for a number of reasons too complicated for discussion, Laddie returned to the States, and he is now established at 2449 Orange Avenue, Costa Mesa, Calif., and is acting as sales manager for Service Soft Company of San Diego, makers of water softening equipment." ... What we need is more correspondents like Cesar, if we are to have more interesting notes. ... See you at the Reunion! - Jim Leary, Secretary, Indian Harbor, Greenwhich, Conn.

Your secretary is back from a month in Mexico spent at Acapulco, Taxco, Cuernevaca and Mexico City. What a wonderful country. The purpose of this trip was the honeymoon of Robert H. and Rose C. Thorson  (formerly Mrs. Rose C. Collins).... Jim Newman has just been named managing partner of the Eastern Region of Booz, Allen and Hamilton. Jim has been with them since 1946 and has been a partner since 1951. Prior to joining Booz, Allen and Hamilton, he served as a research engineer for American Rolling Mill Company and as assistant to the President of Ingersoll Steel Division of Borg-Warner Corporation of Chicago. Jim is also a graduate of the University of Chicago, School of Business, where he received an M.B.A.... Charlie Hammann has recently been designated senior associate of Metcalf and Eddy.... William Tucker, Assistant to the Managing Director, Technicolor Italiana, Technicolor Corporation, has been selected as one of the 150 participants in the 39th session of the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School...James McCormack, Jr., Vice-president of M.I.T., is now a member of the Board of Trustees of Aerospace Corporation. 

Horace VanDorn has been elected vice-president of the Fafnir Bearing Company, New Britain, Conn. He has been with Fafnir since graduation. Van is also a corporator of the New Britain General Hospital and the Berlin Savings Bank, a member of the M.I.T. Educational Council and a past president of the Fafnir Mutual Benefit Association. Van is married, has three children and lives at 51 Chatham Road, Kensington.

We will be seeing many of our class next month at Alumni Day. If at all possible, try to be there. - Robert H. Thorson, Secretary, 506 Riverside Avenue, Medford Mass.; Professor Curtis Powell, Assistant Secretary, Room 5-323 M.I.T., Cambridge, Mass.; Jerome Salny, Assistant Secretary, Egbert Hill, Morristown, N.J.

Serving currently as both a class agent and as class secretary, I took the opportunity afforded by the most recent class agents' letter to add a postscript plugging for class news at the same time that addresses responded to the suggestion to contribute to the Alumni Fund. So did Seymour Sheinkopf in his recent letter. To our pleasure - and yours - those postscripts have already borne fruit, for here are excerpts from two letters: Henry Knippenberg, 3rd, Course II, is president and general manager of Dresser-Ideco Company, a division of Dresser Industries, Inc., located at 875 Michigan Avenue, Columbus 15, Ohio. Knip's division builds hangers and TV towers. Perhaps some of you came across the publicity given to the world's tallest structure, a 1676-foot tall TV tower completed last summer at Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Knip writes that he has been with Dresser-Ideco since August of 1959, having joined Dresser Industries in 1956. On the home front, Knip also has done quite a fine job of family building. He has three girls and a boy, ranging from 11 years down to 16 months.... Charles William Guy, XVI, wrote from California that he is executive vice-president of North American Aviation's Rocketdyne Division, located at 6633 Canoga Avenue, Canoga Park. Rocketdyne is a major producer of large liquid propellant rocket engines and solid propellant motors. Bill leads a busy life. Currently he's regional 

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