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October 9, 1932. 

Dear Ray:

I have received your letter of October 4th, also the film in another envelope. Since that time Mother has given the pictures of the local, and Wayside Inn: after which, it was decided, personally and in a group, that, it wasn't clear enough to spend any money for enlargement. I am returning film, as requested. 

Henry is still picking up. Called on him yesterday, at which time he was listening to Princeton and Columbia game over the radio,but, was sound asleep, and was not disturbed by me. 

As to the plumbing in the houses, would state that they are OK. but it is not helping in letting at this particular time. I enclose adds from News of October 8th. of a few of the idle tenements in this location, I also enclose statement of Framingham Trust Company. 

There are many other things to be done at the Various houses owned by us, with the exception of Kellogg Street: such as painting, inside and out, also a few new hardwood floors over the present, but I am still optimistic (am very sorry for being that way for the past three years) and am still hoping things will change, in order to unlead, before we spend anymore. However, if we are going to own them, will have to improve accordingly/ The big squawken rental now seems to be: Is there a garage?

The Smeltz's like the place very much. They have very large pieces of furniture and would say they fit the house like it was build to hold it. As to oil burner would say it is installed. Payment was made, on basis of 50% down, which called for letter more us as enclosed (please return). Gavin, who is all at home states that if any request for removal of burned should be made by Gilbert & Parker Company. that we would have one of the best, even though we had to pay some balance.