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[[left column]]

TO LET-Six room apartment, sun porch, all improvements, garage. 816 Worchester road. 10-5-1mo

TO LET-New, modern flat of five rooms, garage, all hardwood floors, tile bath, sun parlor, screened-in porch, everything new and modern, fireplace, rent reasonable to right party. Apply 42 Pond street. 10-4-tf

TO LET-Four room upper apart-ment, five rooms if desired, heat fur-nished, all improvements. Apply 160 Irving street. 10-4-6t

FOR RENT-On Pleasant street, Ashland, November 1st, apartment of three rooms and bath, heat fur-nished. Dial 3808. 10-4-6t

TO LET-Upper apartment in two family house, four rooms, new bath, coal and gas range, combination sink and tub. 48 Eames St. Owner on premises Saturday. 10-4-6t

TO LET-Tenement of four large rooms, all improvements, rent very reasonable, garage. 29 Seminole ave. opposite Roosevelt school. 10-3-6t

TO LET-New five room bungalow, screened piazza, storage room, all modern improvements, beautiful site overlooking lake. McAlee Ave. Tel. 6032. 10-3-6t

TO LET-Tenement 6 rooms, all modern improvements, 1st floor. Reasonable rent. Garage if desired 31 Frederick street. Tel. 4807. 10-3-tf

[[right column]]

TO LET-First floor tenement at East Holliston, six rooms, bath, all improvements, garage, $20. Telephone Framingham 5923. 10-7-2t

TO LET-Fine apartment, six rooms, sleeping porch, fireplace. Gar-age. 3 Arlington place. 10-7-6t

TO LET-Single house, six rooms, all improvements. Ready Nov. 1. Can be seen any time. Apply A. J. Brown, 282 Franklin street, Tel. 6637. 10-7-tf

TO LET-Sunny eight room tene-ment, all improvements, excellent lo-cation, low rent. Apply 13 Melrose street. Dial 7807. 10-7-tf

TO LET-Tenement five rooms, all improvements. 51 Gorman road. 10-6-3t

TO LET-Tenement of five rooms, all improvements, 105 Alexander St. Tel. 6682. 10-5-tf

TO LET-Seven room house and bath, all modern conveniences, gar-age, three minutes walk from center of town. Call 8088. 10-4-5t

TO LET-Three large rooms, all improvements. Inquire 8 Haynes street upstairs, back door, or 115 Waverly street. Low rent. 9-26-tf

TO LET-Tenement on Hollis Court. A. M. Eames & Co. 9-21-tf

TO RENT-Five room apartment, 109-111 Mansfield street, all improve-ments, in perfect condition. Rent $35 per month. Tel. 4288 days; night 6896. 5-18-tf

TO LET-Concord court, Ashland, two five room apartments, hardwood floors, all improvements. Rents rea-sonable. Dial 4115. 10-1-tf

TO LET-3-4-5 room tenements, heated, with or without garage, good location rent reasonable. Apply 171 Irving street. Call 5963. 10-5-6t

TO LET-Five room heated apart-ment with garage, all modern im-provements; located on Union Ave. Call 3628. 9-28-1mo

TO LET-Five room tenement, modern improvements, hot water heat, Lynn oil burner, gas; ready for occupancy Oct. 1. Apply 74 Hartford street. Dial 3194 9-26-12t

TO LET-New four room apart-ment, ready Octover 1. 14 Newton place. Phone 7016. 9-28-tf

TO LET-Apartment at 81 Frank-lin street, 5 rooms, kitchen and bath, $30; combination coal and gas range, set tubs. Apply to janitor on premis-es or Tel. Fram. 6889. 9-19-1mo

TO LET-Tenements on Hayes and Pine streets, five rooms and sun parlor, all latest improvements. Rent reasonable to right party. Eastern Paint Co., Claflin street. Tel. 4051. 5-18-tf

TO LET-Sept. 15, a modern six room apartment with garage. 16 Pratt street. Dial 5607. 9-9-tf

TO LET-Desirable tenement in Hollison, well located, conveniences, reasonable rent. See Nathan Pike, Church street, Holliston. 9-16-tf

TO LET-First floor apartment of 6 rooms, also second floor of 5 rooms, fireplaces and all modern improve-ments. Call at 20 Myrtle street. 9-15-tf

TO LET-Fram. Centre, 4 rooms, downstairs apartment, all improve-ments, rent reasonable. Call 3700. 9-15-tf

TO LET-Six room apartment, mod-ern improvements, hot water heat. Apply 68 Winthrop street. 9-9-tf

TO LET-Six room flat, modern improvements, garage. Apply 15 Gorman road. Tel 7007. 9-7-tf

TO LET-Six room tenement, all improvements, hot water heat, at 571 Union Ave. Apply 342 Waverly street. Tel. 9192. 9-9-1mo

TO LET-Four room apartment, all modern improvements, steam heat: also first floor three room apartment, modern improvements. Tel. 8636. 9-3-tf

TO LET-Desirable three room apartment. House just painted, rooms all refinished inside. Well lighted by r-any windows on south and east side. 110 Union Ave., first class location; rent very reasonable. Tel. 3581 9-3-tf

TO LET-Duplex house, seven rooms, on Pearl street, all improve-ments, new steam heating plant. Tel. 4704 or 9015. 8-27-tf

TO LET-Attractive, upper apart-ment, best section, Nelson street, seven rooms, sleeping porch, garage, modern improvements. Tel. 5955. 8-25-tf

TO LET-Modern tenement, five rooms, all improvements, desirable location, rent reasonable. Apply 56 Clark street or S. & B. Tool Shop. 8-9-tf

TO LET-Five room, modern flat with garage, available Aug. 20. J. E. Marley, 13 Columbus Ave. Ashland. 8-8-tf

TO LET-Half duplex house, six rooms, all improvements. Rent rea-sonable. Apply 168 Grant street cor-ner of Pond. 8-3-tf

TO LET-Apartment five rooms first floor, all improvements at 122 Franklin street. Tel. 8574. 8-1-tf

TO LET-Apartment, furnished or unfurnished. 111 Pleasant street. Framingham Centre. Dial 5928. 4-28-tf