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what might be going now behind that other closed r. Poor Peter was so stunned grieved that he couldn't even nk, yet. And with Camilla just overing-could that faint have posed to favor her innocence?- little probably would be said by er of them tonight. But she was that she had planted that little of suspicion at the first mo- t-the only time that would have opportune for it. She could not e waited until tomorrow and nly told Peter that she suspected milla. Impulsively, naturally in h circumstances, she had spoken first thought that came to her ad. What explanation was more usible?
She opened her door into the hall, althily, and listened. No sounds m Peter's room. She closed the or again and resignedly prepared the night. There was nothing e for her to do. 
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
To muriel G. S. Lewis of Sherborn, Hannah Corkery of Everett, Lydia M. H. M Jewett of Melrose, in the county of Middlesex and said Commonwealth; J. Dudley Clark of Boston, in the County of Suffolk and said Commonwealth; any heirs, devisees or legal representatives of Richard Brisson, Jr., Ida Moore, Edith J. Cooch, Charles N. Emerson and Jacob Weiner, residences unknown, who have not released their interest in the land hereinafter described; and to all whom it may concern:
Whereas, a petition has been presented to said Court by R. Sanger Leland of said Boston, to register and confirm his title in the following described land:
A certain parcel of land with the buildings thereon situate in said Sherborn, bounded and described as follows:
Northerly by Forest Street; Easterly, Southerly and Westerly by land now or formerly of Muriel G. S. Lewis; and Northerly, Westerly, Southerly and Westerly by land now or formerly of Hannah Corkery.
The above described land is shown on a plan filed with said petition and all boundary lines are claimed to be located on the ground as shown on said plan.
If you desire to make any objection or defense to said petition you or your attorney must file a written appearance and an answer under ath, setting forth clearly and specifically your objections or defense to tch part of said petition, in the office or the Recorder of said Court in Boston (at the Court House) on or before the seventeenth day of October next. Unless an appearance is so filed by or for you, your default will be recorded, the said petition will be taken s confessed and you will be forever barred from contesting said petition [[?]] any decree entered thereon. 
Witness, CHARLES THORNTON DAVIS, Esquire, Judge of said Court, his twenty-second day of September n the year nineteen hundred and thirty-two.
Attest with Seal of said Court.
Library in 3000 B. C.
That libraries are no modern idea s further testified by the findings of excavations in Nippur, Babylon, where clay tablets bear the writings of scribes were filed in the archives. The library dates back to 3000 B. C.