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Written at Hadley Field
New Brunswick N.J.
Oct. 20, 1932

Dear Billy:
Hope you had a good trip.  I read where they reduced the price of liquor in P.Q due to the new tariff with Great Britain or something.  That's nice.

The adds you sent speak for themselves all right. As for the garages I'd jolly well like to take those lemons of Henrys and move them up there to Pearl St. or have the same money to put into galvanized inexpensive ones Aunt Sarah built some modest ones in rear of her house in Cambridge and if it came to worst I suppose we could do the same but on principle.  I'm dead against anything like added to the real estate that way.  Judging from the quality of most autos on the roads today it wouldn't hurt to put a run between the houses and let em stay outdoors.

It's a damned shame we can't let enough of the OCH garages to even carry the taxes....

Enclosed is the oil burner letter.  I hope they do stay on and perhaps purchase the place if they like it well enough what with the new read and all.  The road in all good sense should make the price of the place actually higher because it is a distinct asset for rapid commuting to town.  I hope so anyway.

I made a misunderstanding available when I wrote what I did about the borrowing of $3000 or $4000.  I did not mean from you personally, but from the Estate reserve cash.  There is enough besides the $10000 guarantee fund it seems to me, for say $3000 to me on the same basis as Henrys' loan.  I suppose you have his stock in the vault signed in black as security and his note beside. That is what I had in mind in my case.  I would pay 6% of course and repay as fast as possible with good outlook for only a short term if business doesn't get worse and the job I have blow up.  If it can be done I would like a check after any convenient interest date by that end, so that I could make payment on my mortgage on the 15th or 1st of any month between now and next May.  That brings up the point that if you people wanted to make it only $1000 or $2000 now and and another lat on -- OK with me.  I'd rather pay interest to the estate that I would to the bastard case that is all, besides the fact that the Estate and my own house are my only available means of equity-- and I'll be damned if I want to refund and pay title charges and search all of again.  Let me know--I'm in no grand rush or panic of course.

Hope Henry is on the up and up.  Blanch told us he was in a recent letter.

Yours kids brothers,