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If anything is done on the money question, would state it could be done after November 1st. Henry thinks we should invest most of the guarantee fund in some good stock returning over 6% at this time, non-taxable preferred. Let me hear from you on this question again.
I think there has been a dollar or two received from the garages in past month, but, Henry bought some reef paint for the tin-reefs at the hotel, which he expects us to pay for. Such being the case suggested that he use some of the garage money, instead of showing any more expense to the hotel property. 
I feel very badly about the notice of vacancy to be, in the Pearl Street house. It happens to be the one that pays well. "What the hell."
Received interest on Howard Note to October 1, 1932. ($160.00) This mortgage is $4000. I called for payment of this amount, but could not get it at this time, as I hoped. He has many empty tenements. The only way we could get the money at this time, would be to take his note and discount it at the bank, not so good, as we would have to endorse it, and it would be renewed and renewed
Henry seems to be in fair shape at this time.
Best regards to all,
Your Brother,
[Signature] Bill.